Labor of Love

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 09/02/2019

PAX: Wuznt me, Clothespin, Best in Show (R), Iron Butt (RX2), Doubtfire, Gaylord, Focker, Whittler, Toucan, Hasbro, FNG-Chipper, Prosciutto, Free Candy, Vsquared, Sunburn (R), Back Pew, Spielberg, Bernie, BMX, FNG-Wally, Uncle Fester, FNG-Semicolon, Fissure, FNG-Thin Mint, Trex, Red Tees, Peanuts, Centerfold, FNG-Tomahawk, Madoff, Escobar, FNG – Router, Threeskin, Mayhem (R), PR, Skitch, early Bird

AO: Beast Ridge


70 degerees and humid.  Low hanging Gloom for a 7 AM tee time


Best In Show took us out on a mosey followed by a SSH filled warm up.  Included were some crowd faves of St Bernard squats and Fire Hydrants.

The Thang

Brisk Mosey to the big Soccer field.  partner up for some Dora. 

Round 1

100 Ircans; Full field width run

Round 2

80 Box Jumps up the bleachers; 15 yards and Back of Traveling burpees

Brisk Mosey to the new practice area

Sidekick’s “What Fall means to me Relay”

Start out throwing cornhole – Tailgating.  1 pt = 25 Mercans; 2 pt = 20 Mercans; 3 pt= 15 Mercans; 4+ pt = 0 Mercans.  Replace the bags at start.

Sprint to the Corn – Deer Hunting.  5 Squats with the 40 lb bag of corn (it started out at 40 lbs but was busted on the first run netting in a loss of a few pounds), lunge to the cone, 5 more squats, lunge back, 5 more squats.  Place corn gently on ground – FISSURE.

Sprint to the Football – College Football; Throw the ball into the bucket.  When you miss, retrieve and throw again form where it stopped.  Repeat until the ball is in the bucket.  Replace the ball back at the start.

Sprint to the tape toss – Kids Fall Festivals.  Toss the roll of tape into the bucket.  3 attempts, then sprint back to start.

Intent here was to time and delay the next participant by that amount so that one team would win in the end.  With 40 Pax, this was a pipe dream.  This went to hell quickly.  Props to Vsquared for leading a ton of Mary for the non participants as they waited their turn.

Mosey back to flag.


Labor day, a day to rest and reflect.  We need to reflect on and appreciate what we have.  We also need to understand that these are not the fruits of our labors alone but the grace of God that provides for us.  We can not do these things alone, our achievements are not ours alone to celebrate and our failures are not burdens we bear alone.


I was too busying trying to heard cats to hear what all was being said today.  hope everybody had a little beat down and a little fun


Iron Pax.  Get involved and push yoursef

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