Hobo VQ

QIC: Hobo

Date: 07/18/2019

PAX: Hamburglar, Goose, Cowbell, Sidekick, Prosciutto, Skitch, Wuzntme, Candu, Vila, Early bird, Free candy, Back pew, Dirk, Ringwald, Lutefisk, Milkman, Blindside, Sunshine, Threeskin, Peanuts, Iron butt (Respect x2), Fissure, Flemish, FNG-Dewey, FNG-Deer jack, Carebear

AO: Hill City


[Humid, dew]


    1. IC 4 CT — Forward fold x 10
    2. IC 4 CT — Arm Circles Fwd x 15
    3. IC 4 CT — arm circles Rev x20
    4. IC 4 CT — morrocan night clubs x25
    5. IC 4 CT — Chinooks x30 (or to fail)
    6. IC 4 Ct — Willie Mayes Hayes x15
    7. IC 4 CT — ‘Mericans x25
    8. IC 4 CT — squats x20
    9. OYO Big boy situps x20 
    10. OYO Apollo Creed Burpees x10

The Thang

Brotherly Lunges @ Coolidge Park Main Circle

Partner up. Partner 1 will Lunge from center to the sidewalk.  Partner 2 does the burpees, on your own. (Feel free to mod to Apollo Creed).  When Partner 2 is done, call your partners handle LOUD SO HE CAN HEAR IT. That’s his signal to SPRINT back. Hold Al Gore until he returns. Not competition, but try to pace yourself and push yourself to finish before partner reaches the sidewalk. EACH partner executes EACH exercise before the team moves on to the next one. 

X is:

1 burpees 8x

2 lbcs 40x

3 mtn climbers 40x

4 squats 20x

5 ‘Mericans x15

[Repeat all, until 6:00]

Low plank 2 min 

Mosey to river, obtain coupon 

IC 4 CT — Curls 20x

IC 4 CT — Bench press 20x

IC 4 CT — Squat 20 x


It’s good to have accountability partner, pastor, or F3 brothers here willing to pull you back in, when we start to wander. That was the idea with the lunges in the circle. We’re not just here to EH each other into a gnarly workout. We’re here to imitate the Good Shepherd by seeking out our brother if he starts to wander, love on him, and pull him back into the middle of the circle. Back into community with his brothers and right relationships with his family and with God.


The creative counting from Prosciutto and IB was appreciated. Made the Q laugh.


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