The General Purpose Practice Area Center for Multi-Purposeful Activities

QIC: Prosciutto

Date: 07/10/2019

PAX: Picasso, Peanuts, She Shed, Ringwald, Sunburn (Respect), Red Tees, FNG-Doubtfire, Milkman, Ducktales, Radiohead

AO: Lions Den

video evidence:


Hot everything. All hot everywhere.

Some back of the napkin stats:

  1. 0% chance of sky precipitation
  2. 100% chance of bodily precipitation
  3. 100% chance of getting better
  4. 1000% chance Ducktales posts without a shirt.


SSH x 10 IC
HK x 10 IC
Forward Fold x 10 IC
Hamstring Stretch x 10 IC
Superman x 10 IC
Plank x 10 IC
Plank R/L x 10 IC
Some Prosciutto Gold Chains for good measure

Mosey to all-purpose track and pre-game / all-around general practice area for events for general practice and all purpose activities and such as.

The Thang

8-count Body builders x 5 IC
Back Deltoid and Rhombus Rear merkins x 5 IC
Worst Merkin ever  x 5 IC
Burpees x 5 OYO

Mosey one lap around track together. “Slowsey” as Ringwald describes it in Albertville “English”(?).

8-count Body builder x 5 IC
Back Deltoid and Rhombus Rear merkins x 5 IC
Worst Merkin ever  x 4 IC
Burpee x 5 OYO

Sprint long stretch of track and mosey around the turn

Go to concession area for blow pops, slushees, hot dogs and Wall Sit/Smurf Jack super set:

Wall Sit x 10 IC / Smurf Jack x 10 IC
Wall Sit x 10 IC / Smurf Jack x 10 IC
Wall Sit x 10 IC / Smurf Jack x 10 IC

Once again, mosey to the not-so-clearly-marked all-purpose track assembly grounds for movements and actions that are negotiated mostly in a general fashion for multi-purpose activities that involve movement and coordinated judgement for make benefit and better for all people in US and A.

4×4’s x 4 (1 burpee: 4 plank jacks & 4 merkins)
Rear Merkin x 5 IC
Worst Merkins x 3 IC (It sounded like Ducktales was doing Candu’s impression of the worst merkin ever at this point)
Burpees… Maybe?? I don’t remember, should have been burpees here.

Slowsey to stadium steps

10 Pull-ups OYO
One-legged bulgarian step ups minus Candu

10 Pull-ups opposite of the first set OYO
Hop Sprint to top of steps

10 Pull-ups wide version of the first set OYO
Hop Sprint to top of steps

Indian Run from steps to general purpose and all-encompassing place with red sponge material for movements critical and crucial relative to multi-purpose efforts involving the core, back and lower small of back to make Americans Great for the sake of making America More Better Again! and such as.


Flutter Kicks
Mercurial Fred’s



Prayers for those needing guidance/counseling
Prayers for the guys who couldn’t join us this morning that they get better enough to come join again

Had alot of time away on vacation. The consistency instilled from overcoming the fartsack with my F3 brethren helped me to stay consistent and fight through negativity and lackadaisical thoughts. Consistently doing anything will make you more consistently consistent. Negative habits creep up at the intersection of inconsistency and laziness. My Grandfather probably (definitely) told me that at one time.

I mentioned that I’ve been reading James Clear’s stuff ( for three or four years now. Have a look at his commentary on habits (


Radiohead joined us this morning, said he had to shake off the negative thoughts. Proud of you man. Great effort.

Lions Den leaves a mark on you; literally and figuratively.

FNG, Jason Rocket, is a semi-retired home-maker who completed the GoRuck Star Course last year after breaking his leg midway through (yeah, read that again). Baker by trade and on the side and is an all-around great guy. This morning’s contingent thought he should be named Doubtfire for his role in being a homemaker, yet being a man. He does not cross-dress, nor does he identify as a woman. I have no idea.  Welcome!


7/11 – Pre-ruck Hill City and get on TV tomorrow morning; see mumble-chatter on Slack for more. News doing a piece on the Fallen V ruck…
7/13 – Fallen V Ruck – Check out the #Rucking channel, see Mr. Clean for more details or just go ruck

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