Huey Open

QIC: Steam Engine
PAX: Mr. Clean, FNG-Ducktales, Geiger, Cherry Log
Date: 05/01/2018
AO: Huey
Conditions: Gym Short and short sleeve weather not quite sweat angle weather but almost

Disclaimer: I’m Steam Engine on Q this AM. I am not a pro, you are here on your own free will, push yourself but modify if necessary.
Burpee OYO 5x
Little Arm Circles IC 15x
LAC (Reverse) IC 15x
Chinook IC 15x
Infinity Plank
Merkins IC 5x
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC 15x
Merkins IC 5x
Plank Jacks IC 15x
Merkins IC 5x
Next up a light stroll to the Love Shack 2.0
The Thang:
Dips IC 10x
Incline Merkins IC 10x
Infinity Wall Sit
Muhammad Ali IC 10x
Joe Frazier IC 10x
Shoulder Press IC 10x
Bus Driver IC 10x
Dips IC 10x
Incline Merkin IC 10x
Itsy Bitsy Spider IC 10x
Dips 10x
Incline Merkins IC 10x
Balls To The Wall IC 10 count
That’s enough quality time spent in the Love Shack 2.0. Time for another light stroll to the tennis courts for some Animal Crossing
Bear-icides (suicides but instead of running you bear crawl them)
Leapfrog down and back (broad jump)
Duck Walk down and back
Crab Walk down and back
Wheelbarrow down switch with partner and come back rinse and repeat 3x
Still had some time and since it was YHC VQ at the Huey I wanted to take a stroll to the gazebo from some Mary
RBC IC 12x
LBC IC 12x
Flutter Kicks IC 12x
Hello Dolly IC 12x
Rosalita IC 12x
Pretzel IC 8x
Pretzel IC 8x (switch sides)

Name-o-rama (Felt it was finally time to name FNG To Be… so we did and thus welcome Duck Tales to the group)
Fearless Warrior prepare for battle
Stand your ground
Fearless warrior dawn your armor
Be prepared for all things-Good and bad
Fearless Warrior hold your head up high
Don’t get discouraged
This battle will only be for a little while
Fearless warrior prepare for battle
Stand your ground
Fearless Warrior dawn your armor
Hold true to your heart’s desires
Fearless Warrior
Don’t forget to look around you
Don’t forget you have backup
Fearless Warrior stand your ground
Prepare for battle
Fearless Warrior remember
you don’t always have to be fearless