Rivalry Saturday Game Day

QIC: Mayhem

Date: 11/30/2019

PAX: Clothespin, Threeskin, Schnitzel, 9-Volt, Shotput, Gru, Porkbelly, Sandwich, Topless, Deep Dish, El Chapo, FNG-Duran, FNG-The Beast

AO: The Battery


Near about perfect for a fall F3 beatdown – Cool around 50ish and No Rain! (novel for the Battery!!)


Welcome / Disclaimer

Circle – Up around the flag

SSH x 20 IC; Forward Fold x 10 IC; WMH x 10 IC; SSH x 20 IC; LBAC Forward x 10 IC; Reverse x 10 IC; Cherry Pickers x 10 IC; Chinooks x 10 IC; Shoulder Press x 10 IC; SSH x 10 IC; WGS L x 10 IC; WGS R x 10 IC; SSH x 10 IC

Mosey back way around to outfield of nearest ballfield. Cones set up await…

Rough 20yd by 40yd field marked off by cones with 10yd endzones. Two sets of cones set up in middle of field

Entire PAX lines up on one sideline. But kickers to outfield fence and back; Big skips to OF fence and back

Count off by 2s to create two “teams” of 7

Agility Drills

Shuttle Drill: (see link to youtube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5c_grMWWHI ) 2 sets of 3 cones in a line 5 yds apart. For each team, 1 PAX starts straddling middle cone while rest of pax hold plank in line. Upon Q call to start, PAX sprints to outside cone (5yds), touches ground, sprints to far opposite cone (10yds), touches ground, sprints through the far opposite cone (10yds), falls in line to hold plank with the rest of his team as next PAX jumps up from plank to do the same until through entire team. Teams race to finish first.

3 Cone or L Drill: (see link to youtube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af2G4kCM4rg ) 2 sets of cones in L shape 5 yds apart. Just watch the video. Two teams hold plank again while taking turns and race against each other.

The Thang

Keeping same two 7 PAX teams…
Two Hand Touch Football Game
5 Mississippi Rush / Two Completions for a 1st down / For each score, opposing PAX performs 7 merkins additive (upon second score – 14 merkins, then 21, etc)

Morphed in to Team Mayhem vs Team Deep Dish as primary QBs. Played until time approx 40 min. Team Mayhem dominated Team Deep Dish 28-0 thanks to outstanding receiving performances from Threeskin and Topless :))


Two for one…
Picking up from my COT yesterday. Christmas time when we celebrate Emmanuel (God WITH us). In regards to leadership, Jesus (the second Adam) demonstrated ultimate responsibility in contrast to the first Adam. Take away – Boys make messes and shirk responsibility / run and hide. Men accept responsibility to clean up messes they didn’t even make. Also, being Rivalry Saturday, reiterated the great culture of F3 where instead of comparing and competing to tear each other down as men in order to defeat our rivals, we have a culture to lift and encourage each other to be better. Iron Sharpens Iron. Keep Coming out to be sharpened and to be Iron for your F3 brothers.
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for Momma Prosciutto, my friend Mark’s middle son Isaac battling Leukemia relapse and relative of FNG – The Beast.


Quote of the day from FNG – The Beast after Team Mayhem scored third TD with 9 min still remaining. “Ahhh Sh**! 9 more minutes!!” Even though his team lost, I think Deep Dish actually enjoyed the extra Merkins! 😉



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