Gettin Back At It

QIC: Sidekick

Date: 07/08/2019

PAX: Sparky, Home Alone, Early Bird, FNG-Gaylord, Focker, Mayhem, Fastlane, Rollback

AO: Beast Ridge


74 and HUMID


SSH ICX25; Forward Fold ICX12; Willie Mays Hays ICX12; SSH ICX15; Mercans ICX15; Right over Left ICX10; Left over Right ICX10; LBAC ICX10; Reverse ICX10; Morrocan Night CLub ICX10; Shoulder Press ICX10; Slow Squats ICX15; Mosey to the Soccer field

The Thang

11s on the Hill

Using the steep hill in the SE corner of the soccer field.

1 Mercan at the bottom – Bear Crawl up the hill – 10 Squat jumps at the Top – Crawl bear down

Continue this ending with 10 mercans at the bottom and 1 squat jump at the top

Mosey – karaoke right – Karaoke left – bernie – Mosey to the next corner

15 Monkey humpers

Sprint to the next corner

Wall Work

Assume a wall sit.  Series of Arm postions as we work through a 2.5 minute wall sit

Mosey to the bleachers

Bleacher Work

10 Ircans – Box Jump – 10 Ircans – Box Jump – repeat to the top.  Mosey lap around the bleachers.

10 Dercans – Box jump – 10 Dercans – Box Jump – repeat to the top.  Mosey lap around the bleachers.

Mosey to the flag.  Time


Time to get back at it.  long Holiday weekend (or week for me) makes us want to be lazy.  time to dust off those F3 shoes and get back to work.


PAX did very well.  Workout was quite a bit harder than what I had in my head.  The guys pushed through with minimal complaining.  There were some modifications made for the betterment of their individual longevity


Fallen 5 convergence and ruck event on 7/13 at 7 AM – The Dame

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