Four Corners

QIC-Laces Out (Respect)
PAX-Angus, Ohms, Mudslide, Stairmaster, Prosciutto, Rainman, Toughskins (from F3Charlotte), Lazy Boy, FNG-Best in Show, FNG-Genie
AO: Hill City
Conditions: 54 degrees and chilly
YHC recovering from tweaked calf decided to focus on arms and abs with some running today. The PAX were ready to work hard with some new faces!!
15 SSH
15 lunges
15 SSH
15 squats
15 SSH
15 mountain climbers
15 SSH
The Thang
Due to sprinklers at Mt Madoriama, YHC moved first circuit to baby hill for a four corners workout.
Circuit 1: Baby Hill Four Corners
25 Flutter Kicks
Run to next corner
25 Merkins
Run to next corner
25 Carolina Drydocks
Run to next corner
25 LBC
Rinse and repeat three times for 100 total of each exercise.
Circuit 2: Super 21
1 squat
Run to next park bench (about 30 yards)
20 BBS
Run back to first bench
2 squats then run to next bench 19 BBS
Rinse repeat in reverse order till 20 squats /1BBS totaling 21 each time.
Used all our time and did enough ab work, so we skipped MOM.
John 1:1, 14 and 3:17 Jesus is the living Word of God who took on flesh and came not to condemn by to save. We have discussed the need to be intentional about reading God’s written Word daily. Be intentional to read the written Word and share the message of salvation in the living Word today! One way to get better!!
praying today for:
those in path of Hurricane Irma in Florida (several with family members there)
Rainman-praise for cardiologist report