Raining Threes

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
Date: 4/3/18
PAX: Best in Show (Respect), Candu, Fissure, Free Candy, FNG-Hardtail, Kit Kat, Ohms, Ringwald, Skidmark, The Count (Respect), Whittler, Wort
AO: Hill City


60 degrees, clear and warm (finally feeling the sweat)

The Disclaimer

This is Laces Out on Q. I am not a professional, you are here on your own volition. As inspired by the NCAA National Championship game won by Villanova last night (whom I correctly picked in my bracket challenge!), we will be running and raining threes in today’s beatdown. Watch your step, modify in needed and if you get hurt, we’ll carry you back to your car.


Imperial Walkers 12 IC
Mountain Climbers 12 IC
Squats 12 IC
We started on our extended mosey to the Walnut Street walking bridge.

The Thang-

At the start of the bridge we did 3 Burpees OYO just to get the juices flowing! Mosey to 3rd light pole.

Raining Threes on the Bridges

Every three light poles we did the following:
Squats, Lunges x3 IC then Incline Merkins and Decline Merkins 3 OYO each
Rinse and Repeat to the other end of the bridge with 3 Burpees halfway and at the end. A few 10 counts mixed in for good measure.
Mosey to the Arts District and did the following in front of the Arts Museum:
Squats, Lunges x3 IC then Incline Merkins and Decline Merkins 3 OYO each
Mosey down the steps and switchback path to the RiverWalk and to Ross’ Landing

Box Jumps up Ross’ Landing

As a group with Wort’s call, the Pax box jumped up the Ross’ Landing steps to the top!
Mosey up another set of steps to Aquarium entrance for 6 MOM
Flutterkicks 3 IC
Hello Dolly 3 IC
Rosalita (en Espanol) 3 IC
Plank 20 IC
American Hammer 3 IC
Freddy Mercury 3 IC
Hollywood 3 IC each side
Plank 15 IC
Pickle Pounders 3 IC
Mosey across Market Street Bridge and back to Love Shack stopping halfway for the following: Squats, Lunges x3 IC then Incline Merkins and Decline Merkins 3 OYO each


Inspired by the threes hit by Donte DiVicenzo who scored 31 off the bench to lead ‘Nova to the title last night. Thus, so many 3’s today in the workout. But more so, inspired by the Easter message we celebrated on Sunday of the resurrection of Jesus after 3 days in the tomb! According to 1 Cor 15, if Jesus were not raised from the dead, our faith would be futile and we would still be dead in our sins. But, Jesus was raised from the dead and we serve a risen Savior! Today, let’s celebrate Easter everyday and live in the power of the resurrected Lord Jesus!


Thursday Happy Hour 

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