Ducktales, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean (02/18)

QIC: Co-Q (Ducktales, Geek Squad, and Mr. Clean)
Date: 02/18/2019
PAX: Milkman, She Shed, Truck Yeah, Ducktales, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean, FNG-Hasbro
AO: The Huey


Soggy Soddy Morning. The Delaware was flowing

The Disclaimer



Mosey Lap
Knee Pulls x16 IC
Windmills x16 IC
SSH x16 IC

The Thang

Inspired by Washington, Lincoln (COP — 16 reps), and Adams (Uncle to my great-grandmother)
Supply Line Across the Delaware  — 3 Pax on one side threw rucks with supplies in them to 4 Pax on the other side for an indicated amount of time.


Aiken legs (10 squats, 10 bench jumps, 10 lunges) — Rinse and Repeat
Dips x 16 IC — Rinse & Repeat
Arm Yourself with 21 Guns — (high curls, low curls, full curls) – 2 sets of 21
Mosey (extended) 
Six Pack — (Much like 11’s) 5 Merkins to 1 Bent Over Row. Increments and Decrements each time. 

Baton Passed to Ducktales

Inspired by The start of the Navy SEALS when JFK was starting to campaign for the highest office. Seal crawls in the water (like a seal) from shack to towers
Seal jacks IC
Mosey to big flag circle up
In a space race we built stronger moon men with body builders IC
Seal claps IC
The chatter was strong so we Indian ran around track.
Derkins IC
Bear crawls
Crawl bears
Incline Merkins IC
Partner carries moon walks- we took one small step for the PAX. We switched partners and truck yeah carried the plus 50 Lb of me with giant steps back.
My Q ending before it’s time in the grassy knowl, D.R. GeekSquad sniped me to Q the remainder of the POTUS Day post 🚁💪


In 1983 Ronald Reagan wrote a story about his fitness routine in Parade magazine. This was not his routine, but inspired by his name.  All Exercises were IC except for ABCs being OYO.
R – Raccoon Crawls around the picnic tables next to plenty of trashcans. A reference to the movie Great Outdoors was made.
O – outlaws – spell letter o with legs 10ct right, then left
N -Nolan Ryan – side plank with arm cradling under (like you have a guy in a headlock punching him) 10 each arm.
A – Arm Circles – front, then back  x 20 both
L -LBCs  x 20
D – Dying cockroach – x 16
R – Run lap around the track
E – E2k – aka pretzels  10 each leg
A- AL butt kickers  x 20
G – Guantanamo – wave – feet throws- 1 complete circle.
A – ABCs-alphabet legs  OYO
N – Never Cross Dolly Parton’s x 15
Ended our last minute with pickle pounders while listening to Let’s Get it On – Marvin Gaye.


Mr Clean — The sign of a true wise man comes with the ability ability of discernment or taking one’s knowledge and using it to make a sound decision. I gave an example of my extremely intelligent Autistic student, while filled with a ridiculous amounts of knowledge, is almost crippled with fear when a “WHY” question is posed due to the reasoning and discernment skills required to answer such a question.  CHALLENGE: Be the man who discerns, be the man who does not outsmart his common sense.


Duck- I was awoke with a clatter of Wíll the 2.0 at 04:00 and was ready to Post, AYE! Started rocking out to “the presidents of the United States” and unloaded rocks on the north shore of the Delaware. Mr. Clean was sooo Qed up that he through a boulder into the Delaware River! He may have a future with TVA as a dam builder. She shed is hilarious, great being the 6 and hanging with HasBro the newest theHuey HIM. As always Geek brought the beats and as I was driving to go work almost nude, I noticed Geek, Clean, and HasBro rucking and HasBro was rucking the speaker 🚁💪😎
GeekSquad – In no particular order…
During raccoon crawls the question was asked, “you know what hot dogs are made of?”
Pickle Pounders while listening to Marvin Gaye of course prompted the reminder to maintain eye contact.
we skipped ahead in song history and then back to keep the USA theme going and said it must have been due to one of the best 80s movies ever made, Back to the Future.
Finally, “isn’t it ironic that Reagan was known for tearing down a wall, while Trump is trying to build one!”
End of Report (E.R)


VQ of Goose tomorrow at Hillcity