Best In Show’s Flow – 06/03 (Beast Ridge)

QIC: Best In Show

Date: 06/03/2019

PAX: Sidekick, Jabooti, Early Bird, Threeskin, Sparky(Respect), Fastlane, Wuznt me, Peanuts, Mayhem, FNG-Oiler, FNG-Home Alone

AO: Beast Ridge


Pleasant, light fog and oddly bright when done….weird


A short mosey lead us into the Thang, warm ups are overrated

The Thang

Trust me….
Short mosey then

30 ssh

Short mosey then

12 merkins

Short Mosey then (let’s just assume the short mosey between exercises going forward)

30 sec high knees with partner wall sit (that’s new!)

7 burpees

10 crunches

12 merkins

30 ssh

30 sec high knees with partner wall sit

to the stadium!

found us a hill and then….

shoulders taps x5, bear crawl up, shoulder taps x10, crawl bear down, shoulder taps X15

Stadium steps incline merkins x12

Mosey to uncharted territory of the Beast, took note of all the improvement’s taking place, and did 12 dips on some tables we found

wait, forgot the 12 St Bernard Squats! Killa

Sidekick lead us to LBC until time was called. Dun

All in all, not bad, lots of sweat and kept the heart rates up.


yep did this.


A word came to me as I was planning my return to Q after quite some time, that word was “TRUST’.

The pax trusted me as I lead us in a random mosey all over Beast Ridge, stopping to exercise occasionally, they trusted my leadership, following me, trusting I was going to effectively lead them to getting better, working hard, growing strong in our brotherhood of F3.

Without a doubt, the was my most personally inspiring Q I have led, I can’t express how important it was to me, thank you all for being part of it.


Lots of stuff, check your local channels

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