QIC: proscIutto
Date: 02/27/2019
PAX: Coin Purse, Sidekick, Ohms, Geek Squad, Magnum, FNG-Plinko, Loan Shark, Milkman, Mr. Clean, Ringwald, Candu, Whittler, Ducktales, Vila
AO: Lions Den


Doesn’t matter; worked out

The Disclaimer

You’re here because you chose to be. Good job and thank you. I’m going to do my best to push all of us. You’re going to do your best to not get hurt. Don’t try to Parkour/“tony hawk” the pavement like Fissure. And if you choose not to heed this advice and you get hurt then try and stick it out like Fissure, remember this is voluntary and while I may appear to be a pro – this is my first time too. *smile for the camera*. Go-Time


Mosey to lot with lights:
Burpee x 5 oyo
SSH x 15 IC
PARTNER UP for Partner stretch:
P1: Arm Hang x 10 IC while P2: Hamstring stretch – Flapjack

Burpee x 4 oyo
ST Squat x 10 IC
Lunge x 10 IC
SSH x 12 IC

Burpee x 3 OYO
High Knees x 10
Windmill x 10

Make America Great Again Mosey to Middle school
Just a run with intervals of High knees, Karaoke, Bernie Sanders, Human Bi-Pedals … stop at hill with light poles to collect Ringwalds sound sytem

The Thang

Queue the 311 playlist on the Block Rocker
3 – 11’s to the sounds of 311 (increment at bottom, decrement at top)
Round 1: Uphill BBSU/Merkins – run two light poles
Round 2: Pickle Pounders/Jump Squats
4 Gassers in the Middle School parking lot with Gotham City Spotlights
Round 3: Mtn Climbers/Monkey Humpers
Mosey back to startex; Due to the pax spreading out, YHC called for an omaha – circle up for 10 more merkins in cadence for good measure.


From time-to-time, YHC loves sifting through the Q-Source for good inspiration. I’ve read this particular piece on the King/Queen multiple times; each time learning something new/different.
To be very brief, the F3 reference to King is simply,“The Daily Discipline Of Physically Training The Body…A man’s Right relationship with himself—his Fitness—begins with his body”. And the F3 reference to Queen,“The Daily Discipline Over What Is Put Into The Body – Man does not stay Fit through exercise alone.”
The two of these work in partnership, just as a royal King and Queen would do. So, the metaphoric King/Queen here is no different. No matter what you do from a disciplined approach to exercise, you mustn’t neglect the thing that fuels the King. Hand-in-hand. True partnership. True discipline.
In YHC experience, the Queen is often times the ruler of the house; a little tongue-in-cheek, I do admit. But #truth nonetheless.
Ball Of Man


– This morning’s mumblechatter reached a fever pitch this morning. Hold the “mumble” – this was full-on Conversation; Sidekick loves to chit-chat. He’s done this enough this month, though – he’s got it figured out. He’s tired of listening
– Ohms has a “Swole Miss” Shirt. It’s awesome. I was jealous only for a moment. Then I remembered that U of SC win last week. 79-64
– 311 is from Nebraska, except for one guy who’s from California…
– Candu loves 311; he’s been to many concerts.
– It was funny hearing the banter between old school / new school. Coin Purse giving Sidekick a hard time; Sidekick getting the last laugh.
– Speaking of Coin Purse – YHC asked if he knew who 311 was —> Nope… Cache this moment as the point when I really felt old.
– Music makes beatdowns less painful or more manageable. End of story
– Time caught up to us and we didn’t get to my new concept – Maybe it’ll get worked in at Hill City.


Jabooti’s Coming of Age Tale is this Friday. Support and check for details in Slack #Announcements channel
– 2.0 Day set – March 09 @ 0700 at The Landfill; bring those young men for the Mr. Clean show. Fun will be had by all – Details in #Announcements
– March 30th Convergence of all AOs in F3 Chattanooga Region – Details in #Announcements
– If you’re interested in Q’ing in March, get signed up today. Talk with your AOQs to get a date. Give back to your brothers
– Give blood if you can – They keep calling me. Please, make it stop!