The County Fair

QIC:  Whittler
Date: 09/15/2018
PAX: Candu, Ducktales (plus 2.0), Early Bird, Free Candy, Geek Squad, Jabooti, Odd Job, Sidekick, Steam Engine, Sundance, Threeskin, VSquared, Venus, Wort, FNG-The Barn
AO: The Landfill


Fall was in the air with a mild 74 degrees and a hint of corn dog smell in the air

The Disclaimer

Despite my physique, I am not a professional.  Work hard, modify as necessary.


Began with a nice little mosey down to the lowest parking lot of the Landfill
Slow tempo SSH x 36
Good mornings x 15
Windmills x 15
Willie Mays Hays x 20
Mike Tyson x 15
Arm circles, both directions x 20
Cherry pickers x 15
Medium tempo SSH x 20
High knees x 15
Plank x 20
Plank Jack x 10
Fast tempo SSH x 20

The Thang

Because it’s fall, it makes me think of the County Fair, which inspired this workout.  In addition, today is Auburn vs. LSU and I always think of the mystery of the corndog smell in Baton Rouge and on LSU fans. 
The County Fair
Ride 1 – Hill o’fun – Indian Run up the hill to the upper lot of the Landfill
Ride 2 – Ferris Wheel – wheel of merkin for 5 rounds
Ride 3 – The Speedway – On the soccer field, we side shuffled along the ends and sprinted the length down and back for one lap
Ride 4 – Whack-a-mole (or Whack a Pax) – at the pavilion, we lined up on the benches and did dips in the method of wheel of merkin for 4 rounds
We then headed to the “concession stand” aka the swings to do “Corn Dog Dippers” – Plank swings x 10, LBC x 10, repeat for 5 rounds til all PAX had done 50 of each
Ride 5 – Route 66 (modified) – starting at the lamp post nearest us, we did LBCs at each light post, starting with 10 and increasing by increments of 10 for 6 light poles (210 total LBCs)
The PAX were then given a choice of cresting the highest hill using a prisoner walk or jogging along the street.  All PAX chose wisely the shortest distance and did a prisoner walk up the hill back to the soccer field
Ride 6 – Jacob’s Ladder – all PAX laid on their stomach and each one took a turn weaving in and out of the ladder until the end
American Hammer x 15
Small, medium, and large pickle pounder x 10 each
BBS x 10 OYO
Sidekick then informed us we had 1 minute and 15 seconds left so we did burpees until time was called


YHC shared what F3 meant to him.  When I began F3, I had no community, lacked many leadership skills that I didn’t know I needed, and often fell short of holding myself accountable.  I started F3 so I could workout and I was too cheap to join a gym.  However, over the last 10 months, not only have I improved my physical shape, my mental strength has probably improved more.  With the transition and difficulties that my family and I have faced, F3 provided me the community of men to help me get through.  I realized that a community of men united is much more effective than the individual.
Leadership and the ability to lead others is something unexpected that I have gained from F3.  In March, I did my first Q at Hill City.  Here I was, a guy who never worked out or went to a gym, leading men in a workout just three months in.  It was overwhelming but I realized that I really enjoyed it.  However, I still don’t think I knew what true leadership was.  Many people think that leadership is standing in front of people and getting them to do what you want.  While technically leadership involves getting others to do what you command, I’ve realized that it’s so much more.  True leadership is not finding ways that others can serve you, it’s about learning how you can serve others.  The Q isn’t here to make himself better, he’s here to make others better.  I encourage everyone to look at leadership from this perspective:  true leadership involves figuring out how you can serve others instead of others serving you.


There were lots of noises from Jabooti and the mumble chatter was strong during Mary.  There was also a manliness contest taking place amongst V squared, Venus, and Free Candy.  I never figured out who is “bigger”. 


Rucking needs some help.  Ducktales is trying to get it going but he needs people to participate.  There are extra weight packs available so ask Ducktales for details to get into it.  Try it once, you won’t be disappointed.