Non-Fat Tuesday

The Scene: a bit gloomy/overcast with a few pending light showers, perfect temps (upper 40’s, low 50’s) as YHC cannot recall breaking a heavy sweat; great pre-Q discussion with FNG to help orient him to the program and learn more about our new brother!
Warm-up & disclaimer issued for FNG; extra emphasis on go at your own rate and modify where necessary (I think YHC mentioned it twice).
Warm-up lap around Mt Madoriyama & Agrokrag
SSH x 28
IW x 15
SSH x 20
30 second high-plank, 15 second side plank, 15 second other side
Slow-Tempo Merkins x 12
The Thang
Light Pole BLIMPS: (Lunge walk to each pole)
LP1 – 5 Burpees
LP2 – 10 Lunges to next pole
LP3 – 15 Iron Crosses
LP4 – 20 Merkins
LP5 – 25 Plank Jax
LP6 – 30 Squats
Mosey to Mt Madoriyama for a partner Dora
Pair off and complete the following without rest:
– 100 Carolina Dry Docks
– 200 Merkins, and
– 300 Flutter Kicks
PAX 1 completes exercises above (AMRAP) while partner PAX scales backwards up Mt Madoriyama and runs back down to relieve partner
With 11 minutes remaining, YHC had to go off script and issue an additional set of arm exercises:
10 decline merkins (De-Clerkins) on the hill
10 incline merkins ((In-Clerkins) on the hill
10 bench dips
Mosey to the “Love Shack” for the Mary:
LBC – 15 oyo
Rosalita – 15 oyo
BBSU – 15 oyo
Leg Lifts – 12 oyo
Crunchy Frog – 10 oyo
High Plank – 30 secs
Moon Gods x 2 reps – 5 oyo / leg
Parker Peters – 12 oyo
Pickle Pounders – 30 secs
1) Delta Deuce discussed how the men in F3 can support the local community and offer our time to kids in a nearby urban development to grow up with a presence of positive male role model through various sporting events/activities. he and his church have already begun this initiative and appears to be off to a great start! Looking to F3 to help support his church’s effort and that community further
2) Angus’ BIL as he undertakes a supporting role in the program that has helped him in his rehabilitation