I Need Longer Gloves

QIC: Steam Engine
Date: 05/11/2019
PAX: Fissure, Ringwald, Uncle Fester, Doodles, She Shed, Fly-By
AO: The Landfill
Conditions: Rain held up for the beatdown but left plenty of puddles for us to play in.

Disclaimer: Hello, I am Steam Engine. I will be on Q you know the drill I am not a pro and you are here on your own free will.
Side Note: Being Mother’s Day weekend I got my inspiration for this beat down from the Rosary. If anyone knows about the Rosary you pray a series of Hail Mary’s, Our Father, and Glory Be. To show our respect to the mother of Jesus we won’t be praying the rosary this time but instead do an ab exercises for every Hail Mary. Get it.
The Thang
Cross (Apostle Creed) (5 Burpees)

  1. Our Father (20 SSH)
  2. Hail Mary (10 LBC IC)
  3. Hail Mary (10 RBC IC)
  4. Hail Mary (10 Flutter Kicks)

Glory Be (20 Curls IC)

  1. Our Father (20 SSH)
  2. Hail Mary (7 American Hammer IC)
  3. Hail Mary (7 Superman IC)
  4. Hail Mary (7 Australian Snow Angels IC)
  5. Hail Mary (7 American Hammers with Coupon IC)
  6. Hail Mary (7 Hello Dolly IC)
  7. Hail Mary (7 Rosalita IC)
  8. Hail Mary (7 Box Cutters IC)
  9. Hail Mary (7 Dying Cockroach IC)
  10. Hail Mary (5 Outlaw CW OYO & 5 Outlaws CCW OYO: Make O’s with your feet)
  11. Hail Mary (17 100s IC:legs straight at a 45 degree angle of ground, heand and shoulders off ground. Arms by your side with palms facing down do quick 6 inches pulses with arms until you reach 100 ) Clearly underestimated how difficult this one would be. 

Glory Be (20 Shoulder Press)

  1. Our Father (20 SSH)
  2. Hail Mary (Boat Canoe)
  3. Hail Mary (Captain Thor OYO)
  4. Hail Mary (7 Pretzel IC)
  5. Hail Mary (7 Freddie Mercury IC)
  6. Hail Mary (7 Monkey Crunches OYO: regular sit up but touch your ankles when you come up and go back down)
  7. Hail Mary (7 Never Cross Dolly IC: Iron Cross  with Hello Dolly)
  8. Hail Mary (7 High Plank IC)
  9. Hail Mary (7 Pickler Pounder IC)
  10. Hail Mary (7 Hollywood IC) We got our front and back wet might as well get the sides. 
  11. Hail Mary (7 Hollywood IC)

Glory Be (20 Bench Press)

  1. Our Father (20 SSH)
  2. Hail Mary (7 Heavy Freddies IC: Freddy Mercury’s holding coupon 6 inches from the ground)
  3. Hail Mary (Homer to Marge)
  4. Hail Mary (7 Low Plank IC)
  5. Hail Mary (7 Low Pickle Pounders)
  6. Hail Mary (7 Ankle Taps IC)
  7. Hail Mary (7 Sweat Angels IC: Double Dolly. Arms and Legs 6-inches off the ground)
  8. Hail Mary (7 Windshield Wipers IC)
  9. Hail Mary (7 Big Boy Sit Up OYO)
  10. Hail Mary (7 Heel Tap IC: Legs table top position bring one leg down where heel taps ground then alternate legs)
  11. Hail Mary (7 Hatching Butterfly OYO) seated position place the bottom of your feet together as you would do if performing the butterfly stretch. Raise hands directly over your head, lay back as if performing a WWII sit-up and return to the starting position with hands over your head.

Glory Be (20 Bent Over Row)

  1. Our Father (20 SSH)
  2. Hail Mary Partner up (10 Standing Twist with coupont IC)
  3. Hail Mary (7 Imperial Walker IC)
  4. Hail Mary (7 Chopping Wood OYO each side: Coupon chest level bring down outside right foot and extend diagonally across body)
  5. Hail Mary (7 Coupon Halo CW OYO: Make a big circle around upper body using coupon)
  6. Hail Mary (7 Coupon Halo CCW OYO)
  7. Hail Mary (7 Side Plank IC)
  8. Hail Mary (7 Side Plank Opposite side IC)
  9. Hail Mary (7 Straight Leg Raises IC)
  10. Hail Mary (7 Crunchy Frog IC)
  11. Hail Mary (Alphabet OYO)

Glory Be (20 Bench Press)

  1. Our Father (20 SSH)
  2. Hail Mary (7 LBC IC)
  3. Hail Mary (7 RBC IC)
  4. Hail Mary (7 Hello Dolly IC)
  5. Hail Mary (7 Rosalita IC)
  6. Hail Mary (7 Box Cutters IC)
  7. Hail Mary (7 Freddy Mercury’s IC)
  8. Hail Mary (7 American Hammers IC)
  9. Hail Mary (7 Pretzel IC)
  10. Hail Mary (7 Big Boy sit-ups IC)
  11. Hail Mary (5 Asheville Abs IC)

Time: we were close to completing but had to return the Dewayne’s back to their proper home and do COT. Below are the final two exercises.
Glory Be (20 Shoulder Press)
Medallion Closing Hail, Holy Queen (10 Burpees)

“The gap between what you are and what you want to be is only as large or small as your commitment. ”
“But the I was dedicated in so many other ways, too… getting to sleep earlier, not cheating on my diet, drinking water as opposed to other beverages. There’s a lot of different things that go into that word dedication and discipline.” – Pat Downey
A lot of people talk about commitment and dedication and it is always one-dimensional. People want to get healthy and say they are committed to going to the gym X  amount of times a week. But being healthy is more than going to the gym it is getting rest, eating the right things, and doing the right things when you are not in the gym. I feel like F3 get’s it you come bc you want to be healthier but not only does it challenge you physically but mentally and spiritually. You gain men that call you out when you are slacking and will help you stay committed to the right things.
Memorial Day convergence at the Dame

An hour beatdown of nothing but Mary was not the best idea after a storm. We got to splash around making sweat ankles and Australian Snow Angels. Our tailbone and cheeks were sore from the ground.
Quote of the day came when we did low planks to my side Doodles just states “Wish I had longer gloves” at that moment we lost it. Thanks for that memorable moment Doodles.
Honorable mentions was “Dude I’m squishing” which I think we all were. We were pretty much a human sponge soaking up all the water from that parking lot.

Parking Lot Beatdown

QIC: Steam Engine
PAX: Prosciutto, Sidekick, Early Bird, ThreeSkin
Date: 06/25/2018
AO: Beast Ridge
Conditions: Tank and Cutoff weather but I forgot mine

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, push yourself this AM but modify if you need to, if you get hurt we will carry you to your car and point you to the right direction. Let’s go
Burpees OYO 5x
SSH IC 15x
Little Arm Circles IC 15x
LAC (Reverse) IC 15x
Chinook IC 15x
The Thang: Partner up
Partner 1: Shoulder Press (AMRAP)
Partner 2: Bear Crawl down parking lot and back
Switch and repeat for a total of 4 sets (2 each partner)
Partner 1: Ruck Swing (Kettle-bell swing with a ruck)(AMRAP)
Partner 2: Bear Crawl and Backwards Bear back
Switch and repeat for a total of 6 sets (3 each partner)
Partner 1: Bench Press (AMRAP)
Partner 2: Lunge and backwards lunge back
Switch and repeat for a total of 6 sets (3 each partner)
Still had 5 minutes left so we did some Mary.
Asheville Abs IC 5x
Still had roughly a minute left so wanted the give the HIM their moneys worth this AM
Burpees OYO 10x

Prayer Request
Announcements: Bean Run coming up soon be on the look out, GoRuck Tough August, Tough Mudder September, check Slack for other events