The Rancor

Upon arrival, solicit Gus’ assistance in decorating the scene with CMU’s from his vehicle; readied and set them up for the looming beatdown
The scene: mid 50’s, humid from rainy overnight weather; would have to defer to Gus the resident environmental & weather scientist for a better explanation
Welcome/Disclaimer issued
Don’t remember much of the warm-up:
Warm-up lap with Angus, Gus and YHC for any late-commits (notably, Burner)..
– SSH x 12 IC
– IW x 12 IC
– Hillbillies x 12 IC
– Slow Tempo Merkins x 12 IC
– Squats x 10 OYO
– OH Press x 12 OYO
With CMU’s:
*All PAX perform following exercises while PAX 1 completes the Burpee Broadjump X7 out and back
PAX 2: Overhead press with coupon AMRAP
PAX 3: Squat with coupon AMRAP
PAX 4: Flutter kicks AMRAP
* Upon completion: P2 moves to BBJ, P3 to OH Press, P4 to Squat and P1 to Flutter kicks; rotate until finished with all stations
Indian Run around Mt Madoriyama and the Agrokrag
Move to pavillion for 3 rounds of:
– 5 Balls-To-The-Wall (BTTW) – some mumble chatter during this – Gus dropped a gem on us asking the pax if any of us knew how to get better at doing BTTW’s… Answer – do more BTTW’s, duh!!!! – Good on ya sir!
– 10 bench pull-ups
– 15 bench dips
rinse & repeat x 3
Bearcrawl merkins (11’s)
Feet on curb do 11 merkins
bear crawl 15 yards and do 10 merkins
bear crawl back for 9 merkins …. crawling back and forth until the merkins have run out
Audible to Gus for #RatchetShoulderBlaster
– 20 Thumbs up arm/shoulder raise OYO
– 20 Thumbs down arm/shoulder raise OYO
– 20 Overhead press OYO
– 20 Overhead cross OYO
– 20 Moroccan Night Clubs
10 x Bay City Scissors (IC – 8 count)
American Hammer