Hangman & Wordle Gone Wrong Run Day

Disclaimer to backblast: I apologize in advance for the poor quality of this message. It was created by finger pokes in the notes app on my seasoned iPhone. Subsequently, I anticipate transporting this message by carrier pigeon to MIA to post on Slack since he kindly offered to assist the technologically challenged PAX like myself. Consequently, set your expectations low, as this will pale in comparison to the grandeur of Gusher, 9Volt, Prosciutto, Mansiere and the other brilliant minds whose company I greatly enjoy. Henceforth and so on;;; Et Al.

QIC: Zima
Date: February 2, 2022 A.D.
PAX: Gusher, Squirt, Friday, Mansiere
AO: Convoy
Conditions: Highly desirable. 43 degrees with a weak 80% threat of rain. I wore gloves because I wanted to, not because I needed to. More on that later.

Disclaimer [to workout]: (redacted per legal Dept)


SSH IC x10
WMH IC x10
Burpees x25 OYO

Burpees in the warmup are not well received. Burpees thereafter seem to encounter similar dispositions. I cannot relate.

The Thang: Hangman Wordle Hybrid Run Game

Mosey to track. I wanted to jailbreak but my audience was still a little uneasy and displeased from the warmup. I advised them around this time that I had intentionally omitted most of the punitive components of the workout upon further deliberation. This was at least partially true.

1/2 mile native run.

Rules were then explained to my messed up game, and it goes something like this. Each PAX takes a turn guessing a F3 exercise name. If the guess is correct, the letter is placed in the appropriate part of the word and the PAX complete 20 reps of said exercise. If an incorrect exercise is guessed, there is a 10 burpee penalty and one 5th of a hangman is assumed on the diagram.

Exhibit A: (see illustration at top)

Sidebar: Burrito HCed and didn’t show up but I forgive him.

Since the letter ‘e’ doesn’t have any go-too F3 exercise names, I asked Mansiere to pick a vowel. He picked a non-active one. 10 burpee penalty. Not his fault. This game was over engineered and inadvertently flawed in design.

1/2 mile native run.

Gusher proceeded to make an incorrect guess at one of the F3 exercise names that comprised the unknown 5 character Wordle hangman hybrid in question. Also, not his fault. Regardless (I prefer to use irregardless even though that’s not a word…), 10 burpee penalty.

1/4 Mile native run (abbreviated distance due to time constraints and interest in completing poorly portrayed game)

Lightning round. Squirt guessed burpees. While a wrong answer, still a winner in mind because of my affinity for the exercise. However, 10 burpee penalty. It was at this juncture I started to incur remarks about how no one wore gloves because it was run day. I was wearing gloves but I did sympathize with their plight. Friday made a solid attempt that was also determined to be incorrect. 10 burpee penalty.

1/4 Mile native run.

I used my turn to complete the Wordle hangman treachery and thereby avoid further and even more substantial burpee penalties. The word(ish) is below referenced.

V ups
I mperial walkers
B ig boys
E – ‘vowel named as clue’
S – SH

1/4 Mile native run

Even though the distances referenced herein may not add up to 2 miles, Mansiere assured me that is the distance we covered. I believe him.

Next up, 100 meter jail breaks. One per minute until directed otherwise. We did 6 – 8. My mental fortitude failed me at that time so I don’t recall much thereafter. However, we did finish up with a micro set of the Bruce Lee workout/(modified):

American Hammer x10 HC OYO
Leg Raises x20 OYO
Crunchy Frog x20 OYO
100s x20 OYO
V-ups x20 OYO (not part of Bruce Lee workout)


We are in the season of winter but I also realize we have seasons in our lives. Last night I was rocking my almost two year old son Miles to sleep in my arms while singing to him. I don’t sing, but I do for him – in said setting. I realized at that time, a year from now, I would no longer being doing that. The season would have passed. I encouraged everyone to find delight in the seasons of life. The word ‘Vibes’ was chosen because it is important to understand our feelings and to manage them because they affect no only ourselves but those around us. Choosing to approach things positively changes your perception and consequently your experience, which is quite literally reality.


While we were running, I asked if my fellow PAX if they had a favorite word. Gusher replied, after a little consideration, that he had always enjoyed the word apropos. I concurred with his sentiment. Squirt said Mamosa was his favorite word. I like the way he thinks I thought. Friday said he couldn’t hear me, which was because I was playing trashy music from the Fanny pack I was wearing while running. He probably thinks I’m an idiot and he may be right.

Announcements: 3F stuff, respectively.

Prayer Request & Praises:

Mox is having a baby today!