Gross Pi

40 Degrees, windy, and wet.
Welcome and Disclaimer
The Thang
Two Pax take a long mosey down to the Blue Rhino and head back up the river when they were boarded by a lost and wandering pax. Glad you could make it Gus.
COP under the bridge
– SSH x 20
– Annie x 15
– SSH x 20
– Merkin x 20
– Finkle Swing x 15
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
– SSH x 20
– IW x 15
– HK x 15
– WHK x 15
– LAC x 15 (forwards / backwards)
– Chinooks x 15
– Moroccan Night Club x 15
Dot Drills
Pax were instructed to find a square on the ground for Dot Drills. Basic idea is to jump from corner to corner performing an agility exercise similar to what is typically referred to as Dot Drills.
– Box x 15 (both feet)
– Box x 15 (each foot separately)
The Main Event
Gross Pi
The beauty of this is you can crank it up or ratchet it down depending on what kind of pain you want to inflict. Today, we picked 12 exercises and did 26 reps of each. 12×26 = eeeeh about 314 (pi, right?).
Round 1
Diamond Merkin, Squat, LBC, Run to end of the strip on the bridge
Round 2
Merkin, Jump Squat, American Hammer, Run
Round 3
Wide Merkin, Lunge, Big Boy Sit Up, Run
Round 4
Angle Grinder, Jump Lunges, LBC, Run
5 Burpees just for fun
YHC spotted a particularly unique 45 degree wall. It posed an interesting opportunity to do a savage combination between an incline merkin and BTTW. YHC prompted Pax to try 5 reps. It was interesting enough for YHC to spur the Pax to try 5 more.
Mosey back to the Loveshack for a quick 6MOM
Angus Out