Pappy Van La Porta

60 degrees, perfect weather to excel.
Welcome and Disclaimer
Prosciutto did a drive by to let YHC know he was gonna be making a quick pit stop at Walgreens turns out it was closed. Welcome to FNG Thomas Hollar from Tallahassee.
The Thang
Four pax mosey down to The Great Hall beneath the bridge for a little COP.
COP under the bridge
– SSH x 20
– Annie x 15
– SSH x 20
– Merkin x 20
– Finkle Swing x 15
– SSH x 20
– Squat x 20
– SSH x 20
– IW x 15
– HK x 15
– WHK x 15
– LAC x 15 (forwards / backwards)
– Chinooks x 15
– Moroccan Night Club x 15
Dot Drills
Pax were instructed to find a square on the ground for Dot Drills. Basic idea is to jump from corner to corner performing an agility exercise similar to what is typically referred to as Dot Drills.
– Box x 15 (both feet)
– Box x 15 (each foot separately)
YHC remembered that 45 degree wall. Pax were prompted to execute 5 reps of the BTTW / Incline Merkin combo. Heck, Lets do 5 more.
The Main Event
Mosey back up to Mt. Midoriama for a little action on the hill.
Not to be confused with that wimpy deer. This routine is performed similar to the BLIMP by performing an exercise for each letter and increase reps each time. This morning we are gonna run up and down Mt. Midoriama between each exercise.
Burpees x 10
Angle Grinder x 15
Merkin x 20
Bench Dip x 25
Prosciutto imparted to us the great intelligence of his old grandpappy van la porta the great dutch italian wise man. “It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger”. Thanks pappy.
Incline Merkin x 30
Squat x 35
Mosey back to the Loveshack for a quick Ring-o-Abs
Welcome to FNG Thomas Hollar from Tallahassee, FL obviously since he’s a big ol Nole fan we decided to impart to him the name “Big Al”.
Angus Out