Bridge (Beatdown) Over Troubled Water

Today YHC and 8 other PAX marched onto the battlefield of Hill City, but today’s battle was to be fought 1/2 a mile down the road at the Walnut Street Bridge. So we began our day by stretching it out and taking a little mosey from Hill City to the Bridge. Here’s what went down:
CONDITIONS: 65 Degrees and Clear Skies
WARMUP: Stretching and a short 1/2 mile mosey to the Walnut Street Bridge
– 10x SSH IC
– 10x Imperial Walkers IC
– 10x SSH IC
– 10x Squats IC
– 10x SSH IC
– 10x Moroccan Night Clubs IC
– 10x Arm Circles IC
– 10x Shoulder Press IC
– 10x SSH
– 10x High Knees
– 10x Wide High Knees
– 10x SSH
After the first COP the PAX seemed to be a little tired of standing around so YHC decided to go for another little run. It takes both sides to build a bridge right? Of course it does, so lets see what the other side has to offer.
We trekked across the 1/2 mile bridge completing 10 Body Builders at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the bridge. When all PAX reached the other side of the bridge it was time for a 10 second countdown to lead us into Circuit #2 (Lazy Dora’s). YHC informed the PAX that Lazy Dora’s consisted of no running like the normal Dora 1-2-3….needless to say PAX were excited….oh boy were they wrong.
Circuit #1 – (Lazy Doras)

  • Lazy Dora [ley-zee Dorh-uh]
  • noun
  • a deranged and despised relative of the Dora 1-2-3

100 Merkins

  • Partner 1: 10 Merkins
  • Partner 2: Hold Plank
  • Continue Switching until 100 total Team Merkins are completed

200 LBC’s

  • Partner 1: 20 LBC’s
  • Partner 2: 6″ Leg Hold
  • Continue switching until 200 total Team LBC’s are completed

300 Squats

  • Partner 1: 25 Squats
  • Partner 2: Squat Hold (Al Gore)
  • Continue switching until 300 total Team Squats are completed

When all Teams were finished with their Lazy Dora’s all anyone could think about was getting back to the Love Shack for some water and Prayer. Buuuut we’re on the wrong side of the bridge…”y’all remember how we got to this side of the bridge? Well the only way to get back is the same way”.
So YHC instructed PAX to trek back across the 1/2 mile bridge and to make sure they got in their 10 reps of Burpees at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the bridge.
By the time all PAX made it back to the North Side, time was running low. So we moseyed our way back to the Love Shack for some COT.
COT – Countoff, Nameorama, Shoutouts/Requests, Prayer
“If it doesn’t challenge you then it won’t change you”