Escape to Juarez Valley

Beautiful sunshine, slightly humid. Warm enough snowflake has finally lost his hoodie.
Welcome and Disclaimer 

The Thang
Four Pax mosey around do a few side straddle hops at the base of Big Grass Hill. Trembling in its shadow they knew what YHC had in store as soon as we lit out in that general direction. The best way to get the blood flowin’ is to get the blood flowin’. We kick off this bright and balmy Saturday with a few side straddle hops and an immediate sprint up Big Grass Hill. This provides a bit of enlightenment, the hill don’t get easier but your view gets a whole helluva lot better. If thats not a truthnugget I don’t know what is.
Stretch-o-rama / COP
With a glorious view out over the trees with the sun continuing to rise we held each for a 20 second count. Deep breaths in between to get our minds right. YHC was feelin a bit like a yogi.
– Toe Touch
– Loose Hang
– Baseball stretch
– Quad Stretch
– Upward Reach
– Tricep
– Across Chest Arm Stretch
With the weinke in mind YHC modified the ever so popular and surprisingly complicated “warm up” to better suit the main event.
– SSH x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– High Knees x 20
– Wide High Knees x 20
– SSH x 20
– Ass Kickers x 20
– Imperial Walkers x 20
– Squat Jumps x 15
– LAC x 20, forwards and backwards
– Chinooks x 20, 1 way
– Moroccan Night Club x 20
Long mosey around and hold up at the top of the big field.
Escape to Juarez Valley
This workout is allegedly adapted from inmates that occupy Juarez Valley, one of the deadliest places on earth. YHC’s version of the Juarez Valley Challenge consists of ascending and descending repetitions in an alternating fashion. The repetitions are performed in descending order on all odd-numbered sets and on even-numbered sets, reps are performed in ascending order until you make a full swap.
Today the gloom was happy to entertain a whole lotta merkins and squats, each PAX was instructed to pick a “cell” which in our case was a parking spot and begin the beat down as follows:
20 merkins / 1 squat (walk to the other side of the cell between each exercise) repeat until you get a full swap.
19 / 2 , 18 / 3, 17 / 4, 16 / 5, 15 / 6, 14 / 7, 13 / 8, 12 / 9, 11 / 10, 10 / 11, 9 / 12, 8 / 13, 7 / 14, 6 / 15, 5 / 16, 4 / 17, 3 / 18, 2 / 19, 1 / 20
YHC and PAX were winded, a TenCount was required.
With plenty of time left, YHC took off on a mosey down the sidewalk 10 BBS at each lamp post until we get down to the Little Grass Hill. Take a run up and head to the lower pavilion.
YHC calls an audible –
10 Dips, 10 Squats, 10 Dips, 10 Step ups, 10 Dips, 10 Box Jumps
Rinse and Repeat.
With “Plenty of Time” we head up to the top pavilion for some 6MOM.
Naked Man Moleskin
YHC is incredibly proud of the growth shown by all PAX in our AO. With a lot of faces coming and going but we’ve got a strong core stepping up to lead us all to become stronger men together. Keep it up.
_Angus Out