The Inaugural Run…

The Scene: According to Prosciutto, it was mid-50’s with a slight breeze…beautiful morning for me to lose my F3 virginity by Q’ing for the first time.
Warm Up: Welcome // Disclaimer // Mosey to under the bridge
Side Straddle Hop / IC x 15
Baby Arm Circles (forward and backwards) IC x 15
Moroccan Night Club / IC x 15
Side Straddle Hop / IC x 15
Mountain Climbers / IC x 15
Dot Drill / 20 on your own
High Knees / IC x 15
Wide High Knees (Gus’s favorite) / IC x 15
Imperial Walkers / IC x 15
The Thang // Mosey to along the river walk
Modified DORA: (Partner up)
Partners will work together to accomplish:
100 Merkins, 150 LBC’s and 200 Squats
One partner will work on the exercise while the other partner runs to the first light pole and does 3 burpees and runs back. Once they get back, they switch.
Mosey to the base of Mt Madoryama…
Bear Crawl to the first light pole and lunge back x 4
Mosey to the bottom of the concrete stairs (down next to the lagoon)
Box jump to the top…after each stair you jump, do 1 dip…adding 1 dip to each stair you jump…example: after the 1st box jump, do 1 dip…after the second box jump, you do 2 dips…and on and on you go to the top.
PAX lined up for a Indian Run around Renaissance Park back to the Love Shack
Merry (At Love Shack)
Pickle Pounder / IC x 15 (everyone tried hard not to make eye contact)
Flutter Kicks / IC x 15
Freddie Mercury / IC x 15
Hold Low Plank for a 20 IC count
Hello Dolly / IC x 15
Rosalita / IC x 15
Box Cutters / IC x 15
Crunchy Frog / IC x 15
Gus’ Transition to Memphis
Proscuitto’s family friend
Laces Out cousin // cancer, surgery in September
Word of the Day // One of the symbols for F3 is the shovel…God placed Adam in the garden and gave him the mandate to cultivate and make the rest of the earth flourish and look like Eden. We, as men have also been given the God-given mandate to cultivate our world and make things flourish. So, let’s grab our shovels and go to work. Let’s reject passivity and apathy and cultivate in the places God has placed us…In our homes, with our wife and kids, in our church, in our neighborhood, in our work environment, in F3…It’s so easy to abdicate our role and to slide into passivity; that is why F3, this band of brothers is so important. To help hold each other accountable and help us be the men that God has called us to be…Don’t give up men…the world has enough “boys who can shave” who have abdicated their roles, who are cultivating in the wrong places and the world is not flourishing as a result. May that not happen to us…Let’s grab our shovels and go to work; for the glory of God and for the good of those around us.