Bridge Over Troubled Water

Conditions: Clear skies with a 72 deg. F mild air
Happy 31st Birthday to Snowflake and Congrats to Delta on his 15th Anniversary!!
This special Thursday morning began with 11 PAX posting at Hill City. This day was special because today was the Cherry Blast Virgin Q for Laces Out (RESPECT). The HIM was super excited for his first Q and his opportunity to lead a great group of men through an awesome workout. The morning started out with a little 0530 stretching and the delivery of the Disclaimer. Then the real fun began…a lot of running and a Walnut Street Bridge workout was in the plans!
Here’s what went down:
The workout started with a short mosey to The Great Hall for a warmup.

  • SSH x 12 IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x 20 IC
  • LBAC (FWD/REV) x 15 IC
  • Shinooks x 15 IC
  • SSH x 15 IC

Once the blood was warm and flowing through the bodies of the PAX, Sir Q led us PAX on another mosey through Coolidge Park and over to the Walnut Street “Walking” Bridge (I assure you that no “walking” would take place on this day at the bridge). We were informed from the get-go that today would be a running day…no worries, the PAX seemed open to running and were ready to take on the challenge.
Circuit #1
– Round 1: Complete 10 Burpees OYO, then mosey to a 1/4 the way across the bridge.
– Round 2: Complete 20 Merkins OYO, then mosey to 1/2 the way across the bridge.
– Round 3: Complete 30 BBSU OYO, then mosey to 3/4 the way across the bridge.
– Round 4: Complete 40 Squats OYO, then mosey to 3/4 the way across the bridge.
– Round 5: Complete 10 Burpees OYO, then mosey to the end of the bridge.
Rinse & Repeat on the way back across the Bridge
When the Bridge Beatdown was complete, wetook a little mosey back through Coolidge Park to the Riverwalk. We were ahead of schedule due to the hard work from the PAX. So HIM improvised and added some lunges mixed with more running.

  • Lunge to first light pole
  • Run 3 light poles
  • Lunge 1 light pole
  • Run 3 light poles
  • Rinse & Repeat until the end of the path

We then took another mosey toward the Love Shack and to the top step where the Swamp Thing resides.

  • Dips x 12 IC
  • Incline Merkins x 12 IC
  • Rinse & Repeat x 2

Once the arms were burning HIM decided to work another body part to close the day with some 3MOM…

  • Flutterkicks x 12 IC
  • Hello Dolly x 12 IC
  • Freddie Mercury x 12 IC

COT – Countoff, Nameorama, Shoutouts/Requests, Prayer
Prayer Requests:

  • Snowflake (Dr. Appointment for broken elbow)
  • Pumpkin (Mission Trip)
  • Mr. Clean (2 year old son’s leg)
  • Laces Out (Upcoming Mission Trip)
  • Delta (Upcoming Mission Trip/Camp)
  • Angus (Moving Day & Wife expecting a baby)

“ Proverbs 16:9 – ”In his heart a man plans his ways, but God directs his steps.”
HIM shared about his son’s journey with his heart disease (appreciates the many prayers lifted up for him). His plans were altered, but he has trusted God’s new direction for his life and lives to please Jesus. We all have our plans, dreams and hopes, but sometimes God directs us in another way. Let’s follow God’s direction even as we make our plans today and bring glory to Jesus!