The Bruno San Martino

When: 07/15/17
Where: The Landfill (White Oak Park)
QIC: Prosciutto
The PAX: Mr. Clean, Steam Engine, Burner

Conditions: Scattered clouds with a 75 degrees, extra humid
A smaller group than what YHC expected for a Saturday beatdown. Reminiscent of the early days of F3 Chatt. Nonetheless, those that made an appearance were ready to get better; and get better, they did!
With the shovel flag planted, the Disclaimer was provided with care and attention to detail (full disclosure, YHC reviewed the F3 disclaimer just a few minutes prior to provide some good punch lines)
Short mosey to upper parking lot for a warmup.
– SSH x 12 IC
– High Knees x 12 IC
– Squats x 12 IC
– Hot Sauce Burpees (demo requested & provided) x 5 OYO
– SSH x 15 IC
– High Knees x 15 IC
– Squats x 15 IC
– Hot Sauce Burpees (demo requested & provided) x 5 OYO for good measure
Realizing that sweat droplets were falling and beginning to look like a slow gush on Mr. Clean’s forehead, that was enough for YHC to crank it up a hair; almost to 11. Time for…
The pax moseyed down to the bottom of the landfill. By bottom, I mean, the lower gate entrance to the landfill, to ensure we had enough room to complete what is next…
4 rounds of Circle Burp mixed with Bernie Sanders between each stop.
Round 1 performed at the bottom gates, all pax were instructed to perform SSH until all PAX had called “Down” – signaling all PAX to perform a single burpee. One time through, rinse and repeat once more.
Bernie Sanders up to the dog park parking spaces for the next round.
Round 2 – similar to round 1, except the PAX complete Squats until the signal is given for a burpee
Bernie Sanders again further up the hill to the fresh parking lot for the next round.
Round 3 – similar again, this time, except the PAX complete a plank until the signal is given for a burpee.
Bernie Sanders up the grassy hill to the playground structures for the final round.
Round 4 – PAX complete mountain climbers until the signal is given for a burpee.
10 counts were administered two times throughout the circle burp brigade. Great work men!
YHC issued the command to run quickly up one of the landfill’s premier hills, to settle into a super 21 on the flat field at the top.
The Super 21 consisted of LBC’s and Merkins. Starting with 20 LBC, sprint 30-40 yards and then complete a single Merkin. Continue decrementing LBC’s and incrementing Merkins through each iteration; always totaling 21 total reps between the two exercises per round.
3 minutes remained, so YHC opted for a 5MOM with a Captain Thor (1:4 ratio of two ab exercises); LBC:American Hammer. Complete when the PAX reached 5 LBC’s to 20 American Hammers
COT – Count-off, Name-o-rama, Shoutouts/Requests, Prayer