Tuff Muff 2 (Lions Den, Landfill, Hill City, 2/22/20)

QIC:  Peanuts (LionsDen)/TheCount (LandFill)/SideKick (HillCity

Date: 02/22/2020

PAX: Mr. Clean, She Shed, Vaccine, Wuzntme, Burrito, Fissure, Skitch, Prosciutto, Sidekick, Jaywalk, Rocket Man, Escobar, Ducktales, John Doe, The Count (Respect x 2)

AO: Lions Den, Landfill, Hill City


Cool Beautiful Morning (29 Degrees at LionsDen at StartEx and 38 Degrees by EndEX at HillCity)


N/A. If you show up to this thing and need a warm up you are already in trouble.

The Thang

Lions Den (aka LD) – Peanuts on Q

Mosey to the bleachers and pax counted off into pairs. Attempted music – failed (repeatedly pointed out by Pro-sec-utt-ios (definitely spelled it write this time)). And now for something completely stupid and utterly pointless, or, if you want to feel better about yourself, a Tuff Muff….

  1. Round 1: Pax 1 = Inverted Row x 75/Pax 2 = Box Jumps up bleachers. Rotate. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the other bleachers.
  2. Round 2: Pax 1 = Dips x 150/Pax 2 = Run the stairs up and down all four sets. Rotate. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the other bleachers.
  3. Round 3: Pax 1 = Bulgarian Split Squats x 200/Pax 2 = Indian Run around the track. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the other bleachers.
  4. Round 4: Pax 1 = Inc Merkins(started with 200 and redux to 150 for time)/Pax 2 = Box Jumps. Continue until 6 is in. Return to track and mosey to the flag.

LandFill (Q-TheCount) Burpee Apocolypse followed by Deck of Pain
Warm Up – SSH (20 IC) followed by 10 Burpees. Rinse and repeat 20 SSH IC followed by 9 Burpees continue until 20 SSH IC and 1 Burpee.

Deck of Pain (2-10 Cards – Add 10 Reps of Seconds to number on card and perform exercise on card. Jack/Queen/King – 25 Reps of exercise on card. Aces – 100 Reps of exercise. Of note 80 Burprees were performed between Apocolypse and Deck of Pain. 250 IC- SSH were performed. Incline Merkins, Decline Merkins, Merkins, Ranger Merkins, Chuck Norris Merkins, 100 Flutter Kicks, Bear Crawls, Squats and lunges.

My Pet Rock(s) – Hill City – SIdekick

Grab a monster rock and a smedium rock. Series of exercises with monster rock, 15 reps each. Smedium rock about 30 yards away, used for bench press and core exercise coupon.

Round 1 – Curls – Bear Crawl – Bench press and Core; Mosey back

Round 2 – Bent over Rows – Bear Crawl – Bench Press and Core; Mosey back

Round 3 – Overhead press – Bear Crawl – Bench press and core; Mosey back

Round 4 – Goblet squats – Lunge- bench press and core; Mosey back

Round 5 – Bench press – Traveling Burpees – Bench Press and Core; mosey back



There were three; each more exciting than the next.


  1. Prosciutto’s Musings:
    1. Crossfit exercises are not equal to the rest of the world’s exercises; in name or in execution
    2. What exactly is a squat thruster anyway?
    3. Berating and yelling about form encourages the pax to work harder and improves morale
    4. Next year’s event planning will include a “Route Q”. Some pax have indicated/shown (?) that it’s tough to remember two turns.
    5. Lillie Mae’s place brunch is the equivalent to a knock-out punch in the 10th round
  2. Sidekick’s Confessions
    1. I am a broken old man
    2. 4.3 miles is really not that far
    3. 2.1 miles after two beat downs and a 4.3 mile run, although downhill, still blows
    4. I almost shattered my face with my rock on rep 12 of the overhead press, hence the almost imperceptible inflection in my mostly gone cadence
    5. We all need to be skeptical anytime Mr. Clean evaluates something for size

3. Escobar’s mischief: shortly after leaving Lion’s Den, I was running alongside Fissure and made a few statements/questions. After talking for a minute, Fissure stated, “I don’t like to talk when I’m running. I hate running and by not talking it helps me get through it.” So I proceeded to carry on a conversation the rest of the run, trying to see if he would just ignore me or run away. He did neither.


The Tuff Muff is over, let us all go in peace.

Be on the lookout for future CSAUPs being planned and in the works

Recent Backblasts

    3 Circles – Blindside VQ

    QIC: Blindside

    Date: 8/22/2019

    PAX: Curfew, Gaylord, Sunshine, Skitch, Fissure, Sunburn, Hobo, Candu, Red Tees, Peanuts, Back Pew, Iron Butt, Moneyball, Laces Out, Sidekick, Kowbell, Sinai, Mayhem, Icy Hot, The Count

    AO: Hill City


    Muggy muggy muggy.


    Blue Rhino

    SSH x 15 IC
    Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
    Calf Raises x 25 OYO
    Merkins x 10 IC
    SSH x 15 IC
    Shoulder Taps x 20 OYO
    Willy Mays Hayes x 10 IC
    Burpees x 5 OYO

    The Thang

    1 st Circle Workout (Grass in the Bowl with the sidewalk
    around it – Place Flag in the center)

    Round 1

    • Mosey to the flag
    • 10 Murpees at the flag OYO
    • Lunge out to the sidewalk
    • Bear Crawl back to the flag

    Round 2

    • 5-10 Murpees at the flag OYO
    • Prison Break to the sidewalk
    • Bernie Sanders back to the flag

    2nd Circle Workout (under bridge next to the water and the
    long sidewalk with app. 10 light poles – Get a Coupon)

    Round 1

    ½ of the PAX

    • Curls X 25 (with coupons) OYO
    • Squats X 25 (with coupons) OYO
    • Shoulder Presses 25 (with coupons) OYO
    • Back Rock Rows 25 (with coupons) OYO

    ½ of the PAX

    • Run light poles while stopping & doing Merkins at each light
      pole (1 Merkin at 1 st light pole, 2 Merkins at 2 nd light pole,
      etc / Merkins down and Wide Arm Merkins back)

    Round 2

    ½ of the PAX

    • Curls X 25 (with coupons) OYO
    • Squats X 25 (with coupons) OYO
    • Shoulder Presses 25 (with coupons) OYO
    • Back Rock Rows 25 (with coupons) OYO

    ½ of the PAX

    • Run light poles while stopping & doing Merkins at each light
      pole (1 Merkin at 1 st light pole, 2 Merkins at 2 nd light pole,
      etc / Right Arm Forward Merkins down and Left Arm
      Forward Merkins back)

    3 rd Circle Workout (concrete wall circle in the woods)

    • Box (wall) Jumps X 20 OYO
    • Dips on Wall X 20 OYO
    • Lunge to the center and back to wall
    • Bulgarian Split Squat X 15 (each leg) OYO
    • Dips on Wall X 20 (one legged dips) OYO
    • Lunge to the center and back to wall
    • Incline Merkin X 25 OYO
    • Decline Merkin X 25 OYO
    • Lunge to the center and back to wall


    Circle 1 – God’s Game Plan

    • Today we worked out at 3 different stations. The first station was
      the circle in Coolidge Park.
    • Obviously, there was a designer who designed the field, lights
      around the field, the sidewalk, the stage, etc… A designer designed
      that first circle.
    • God the Creator has a perfect designed game plan for you, your
      marriage, your career, & your future.

    Circle 2 – Brokenness

    • From the park area, we ran over to the river, paired up, picked out
      a coupon and circled up.
    • After pairing up, half of us stayed in the circle and did curls,
      squats, shoulder presses, and bent over rows. The other half of us
      ran 10 light poles and did merkins.
    • Half of us broke off from the circle and went to run the light poles.
      That leads us to the second circle. God has a game plan, but ALL of
      us think we know what’s best for us so we break off from the
      circle and go “run the light poles.”
    • The bad news is that when we walk away from God’s design for
      our own, that only leads to a state of brokenness. Brokenness
      leads to more and more brokenness such as: broken families,
      hearts, relationships, careers, situations, etc…
    • The good news is that God never wants to leave us in our
      brokenness. When something is broken, we will either fix it or
      throw it away! Though we are broken, God decides NOT to throw
      us away NOR patch us back together with guerrilla glue or duct
      tape. Rather, God makes us new in Jesus Christ!

    Circle 3 – The Gospel

    • The third circle we moseyed to was the concrete circle in the
      woods with a cut out entrance. This circle represents the fact
      that God decided to join us in our brokenness.
    • God sent His Son Jesus right down into the middle of our
      brokenness to be broken for us. Jesus never departed from
      God’s perfect design. Jesus, having never sinned, decided to die
      in our place on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins.
    • The broken people Jesus came to love dragged Him out of the
      city and nailed Him to the cross. He breathed His last on the
      cross and died. They buried Him. On the 3 rd day, Jesus rose from
      the dead. He is alive! He is alive right now!
    • Jesus is to help you RECOVER from your state of brokenness.
      We are all sinners and always will be, but the penalty of that sin
      is forgiven in Christ.

    Recent Backblasts

      2nd Fallen Five Reflections

      QIC: Italian Job and Catfish

      Date: 07/13/2019

      PAX: Fallen Five Reflections

      AO: The Dame

      Backblast for 2nd Annual Fallen Five can be found here:

      I’ve only gotten into rucking fairly recently but am really enjoying it.  I especially love the team focus and how it incorporates the 1st and 2nd F’s at the same time.  I was looking for an event like the Fallen Five as a measuring stick for how much more I need to train for GrowRuck and knew this was a great opportunity for that and to meet some fellow PAX from another region.  After listening to the Round Table podcast, I realized how important this event was in honoring the men who gave their lives on that day in 2015 and I also how little attention this terrorist attack has received since it happened considering how horrible it was.  From a physical standpoint, the event didn’t disappoint as the beatdowns were hard, the coupons were heavy, and the distance was long enough to leave me feeling it the next day. Beyond that, I was moved by how many civilians stopped to say hello and thank you, honk, wave, and take pictures as we were rucking to the park and back.  It was very evident that the community was appreciative of what we were doing and I felt humbled to be a part of such an impactful event. Learning more about those who were killed from I-Job during the convergence and visiting the scene of the attack and seeing the 5 flags hanging from the bridge really brought this home for me. It was truly an honor to participate in this event and even more so to do it alongside my F3 brothers.  Aye!


      —Whiz (Alpha)

      Thanks again for putting on such an awesome event! The purpose behind it all was truly humbling, being back where it all happened and seeing those five flags was an unreal experience. It was amazing seeing the support in your community, not only from those who showed up, but all the honks, engine revs, people stopping and taking pictures and asking what we are doing. This is just an awesome event you guys put on, I was proud to be a part of it.

      —Inseam (Alpha)

      Mr Clean, thank you giving us the opportunity to take part in honoring the Fallen Five  in Chattanooga yesterday. Here are some of my thoughts that stood out to me during the event.

      We’re appreciative of you and all the Qs that led workouts, and these are the ones that stood out to me.

      Catfish and Italian Job’s BDs seemed to complement each other – the Buddy Carry up the hill was appropriate for what we’re sometimes called to do – it’s hard, not sure you can do it, but it has to be done.

      Italian Job Q where he read the background of each man killed and gave us an insight into each life was powerful. The COT we did at the end of the bootcamp was well done.

      Fissure and Ducktales Qs at the end – Stretching and the running with 1/2 burpees and other things was good variety.

      More reflections:

      Ducktales and Vila keeping us together and steady on the Ruck, Dixie Chick keeping us safe at the crossings.

      Gut Check always with a smile and words of encouragement.

      Iron Butt telling me how he got his name.

      Zohan – whenever I looked always seemed to be carrying something, more times than his share with the 80# I think.

      Billy (can’t remember the other part of his F3 name) telling me about the ruck club he belongs to and his martial arts background.

      Vila putting up with my BS when he could’ve squashed me like a bug.

      FNG Echo thinking we didn’t have enough coupons and brought his own pole which we had to carry while he carried a flag sometimes!

      Echo confusing the cadence count – he didn’t know how so we all got confused!

      Getting patched by Mr Clean at the end! This patch is among my most cherished.

      The most powerful  experience was were we stopped for a minute’s silence at the depot where the shootings took place. 

      Hope to see you again soon!

      —Mufasa (Alpha)

      I wanted to thank you very much for organizing the Fallen Five this year!

      I found the whole event, start to end, a great combination of all three Fs. I admit that initially I came to experience a teaser for the upcoming GrowRuck but I got much more of it. 

      I think that it was on the back of Italian Job’s ruck, a patch that said “if you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together” and I think it was an apt patch for the Fallen Five. At times I begrudged having to slow down often and even stop but it was a good reminder that the focus was doing this as a group and not a competition. There is much that we can achieve working together and it’s well worth the cost to slow down when needed to make sure you’re staying together. Otherwise, whatever you set out to do might not have any value if you end up alone. This is why Fellowship is not just an outcome of F3, it’s a commitment.

      Thank you!

      —Zohan (Alpha)

      Thank you F3 Chattanooga for hosting a great event yesterday. I was impressed by everyone I met there; and the initial beat down right away laid the foundation for the deep meaning of why we all converged. In the blazing Tennessee sun the group dug deep for a 6mi Ruck moving multiple coupons and crushed the second brutal beat down at what would surprise me as our ultimate destination – I was not aware we’d visit the place those five brave souls lost their lives; the moment of silence was touching and heavy – it was a moment I won’t soon forget. I think the group appreciated the audible on the return trip, and I have to say the dip in the lake may have been the most glorious swim I’ve ever had. The second F lunch was fantastic, I made many new friends and I look forward to seeing many of you at GrowRuck 15 in my neck of the woods next month.

      —Dosido (Alpha)

      To everyone involved in planning and coordinating this event, I sincerely thank you for your attention to detail, execution and leadership. Mr. Clean great coordination across all facets of the event and even bigger thanks for coming up with the idea last year! Ducktales/The Count/Fissure/Iron Butt/ Ringwald/Mr. Clean– awesome work with promoting the event so well across several media outlets! Fissure/Ducktales/Vila for the route planning, ruck specifics and procedures. Italian Job & Catfish– thank you for making the trip, providing a proper butt-whoopin’ and delivering some points of leadership throughout. And finally, thanks for all the pax/ruckers  who traveled distances from out of town to join us; that was such a special feeling to lock shields with all of the pax around the region.

      I had a great time and I don’t think there was a dry body after 3 minutes into the boot camp. I must say that aside from the GoRuck Tough I recently completed, I have not been challenged like this in all my life. It was a total group effort, and everyone was positive throughout. Yeah, sure the dead heat of summer upon us gave us reason to be sulky, but as mentioned before – those horns honking from passing cars or just passerby’s on foot giving us encouragement was a really cool experience. The reason for the event was also not lost on any of us – a great and purposeful boot camp beat down in the beginning was super touching and the moment of silence at the point of the attacks was so surreal. After that point, the “embracing the suck” moniker so widely shared in Go Ruck was not so difficult, all things considered.

      I probably speak for most of us and say that I cannot wait for next year’s installment of the event! This will be a huge event going forward.

      Now for some personal musings:

      • The barbell American Flag gave me real soreness days later. I don’t think I’m carrying that thing right and it wasn’t my first rodeo in the thunderdome.
      • 80lb sandbags…. damn…
      • Endex at a water source is a must for any/all Ruck events; regardless of distance covered
      • Future event consideration – we should ruck/carry a boot or treasure chest for more donations. People would have thrown money at us for the cause!
      • I’ll do any event Zohan wants to do – that guy carries everything and doesn’t shy away from anything hard
        – Prosciutto (F3 Chatt)

      Went to bed early and was planning on sleeping til 5:30. Body alarm woke me up at 4. Made the most of it and did a gear check and made a big omelet with a banana and apple. Gear check good except for source mouth piece for hydration. Got to The Dame AO at 06:30 and there were already 6 clown cars there! Great fellowship before. Specifically with Dixie chick, Cherokee ruck Q Bloodhound, and of course My F3Chatt HIM. Mr. Clean called me on the way there and the day before to finalize all details together, thank you Grady. You saw in your head how we could come together and build an event to honer the fallen and it was now that time. “5 MINUTE WARNING” from Italian job and then we started “ONE! ONE!”, COT and namearoma (Thanks Echo). Always excited to post with a Q from a different region. The TRUEbadours Catfish and Italian Job led a solid beatdown. Ruck was warm, I had planned on being the six, Catfish recommended we keep coupons behind the flags, and I did not account for that. Catfish and I rotated as the six and had great fellowship, even recorded an episode of pick up the six click here for audio 

      Temps started rising and then we started seeing runners that just finished the hero’s run. This timing was not planned but was perfect! We ran into some Rucker’s that knew the family of one of the fallen and have been rucking the Hero’s Run for years! They are a Marietta ruck club that will team up with us next year. At the mid way point, Command Sargent Major Paul Vallade (F3 Echo) spoke to us while I assessed blisters… the wet AMERICAN flag socks were a bad choice for the MACV-1’s. The blister larger than a silver John Fitzgerald Kennedy silver piece… I installed new socks just in time for a Daniel Haugland (F3 Vila) beatdown, myself and Nick Spinelli (F3 Fissure) brought the pain. Fissure ended our beatdown infront of the reserve center by the flags. A few of Alpha company did not know where the coward attacked 4 years ago. We shared a moment, and as I write, I am getting teared up about the loss of life that day. We took a moment of silence. We re-rucked and headed off back towards The Dame. Getting back at the end and walking into the cool lake with boots on was the best part of my day. Dried off some, put on dry shirt, and went for fellowship with about 20 out of the 29 that rucked. I am writing this Wednesday and still sore and proud to be #noogastrong. AYE!
      – Ducktales (F3 Chatt

      Recent Backblasts

        Major Fartsack

        BB 08/26/17
        Q: Rainman
        PAX: Mudslide, FNG (Kernel), Sparkles.
        The Thang

        Q Overslept (Major Fartsack), but made it in time to accrue himself 20 burpees right off the bat. Mudslide led the PAX in a warm-up. After the Q finished his burpees, the PAX moseyed over to the hill, more commonly known as Mount Fookame.
        -Bear Crawl to the top
        – I.C. Cross Jacks (10)
        -Mosey Down
        -Moving Merkins (10)
        -Rinse and Repeat 3x
        Mosey back to the top.
        Small Beast:
        – Duck Walk to 1st Rock
        – Alternating Shoulder Taps (x6)
        -Duck Walk to 2nd Rock
        -Peter Parkers (x6)
        -Duck Walk to 3rd Rock
        – In and Out Planks (x6)
        – Rinse and Repeat 3x
        – 6 Mom x 12 Reps each
        – CockRoach, LBC, Leg Climbers, RBC, Box Cutters, Flutter Kicks.

        Act Like Men

        When: 8/15/17
        Where: Hill City
        QIC: Delta
        Pax: Stairmaster, Angus, Ohms, Mudslide, Snowflake, Rainman, Flemish, Vila, Schnauzer, Esse, Prosciutto,
        Conditions: Mid-70s and beautiful
        Welcome and Disclaimer were given…It was also said that for every jogger we saw, we would all stop and do 10 burpees. Then I set the tone for the morning by reading Psalms 119:105 which tells us that God’s “word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” I wanted to remind the PAX that God’s Word is our guide in everyday life and that would include this mornings workout. More to come on that…
        We mosey’ed over to the great hall for the…
        Warm Up
        *To start the warm up off, I read the following verse to help guide us:
        1 Corinthians 16:13 / Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, ACT LIKE MEN, be strong
        -God’s Word instructs us to act like men…What does that look like? We will hear more about that after the warm up, but for now, it meant in light of 1 Corinthians 16:13, we will do 16 exercises, 13 reps each.
        1. Side Straddle Hop / IC X13
        2. Imperial Walkers / IC X13
        3. High Knees / IC X13
        4. Wide High Knees / IC X13
        5. Mountain Climbers / IC X13
        6. Side Straddle Hop / IC X13
        7. Arm Circles (Forward) / IC X13
        8. Arm Circles (Backwards) / IC X13
        9. Chinooks / IC X13
        10. Moroccan Night Club / IC X13
        11. Side Straddle Hop / IC X13
        12. Dot Drill / IC X13
        13. 1 legged Dot Drill (One leg) / IC X13
        14. 1 legged Dot Drill (Switch Legs) / IC X13
        15. Bear Crawl (For a 4- count to 13 reps)
        16. Rocky Balboa / IC X13
        We then took a li’l mosey near the river side of Coolidge Park where I read what it looks like to ACT LIKE MEN.
        Ephesians 5:25 says “Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her.
        To be a man…to act like a man…is to be a SACRIFICAL SERVANT LEADER…for our wives, our kids, for our church, for our community, for our F3 band of brothers, for the world around us…That is what Biblical manhood looks like and we see it best in the life of Jesus.
        Again, as we allow the Word of God to guide us, we used Ephesians 5:25 as our guide. That meant we did 5 exercises, 25 reps, 5 times (with a little mosey in between each complete set)
        Merkins x 25
        Squats x 25
        Plank Jacks x 25
        Dips x 25
        BBSU x 25
        Rinse and Repeat 4 more times (after a little mosey to a new location)
        On our mosey in between set 2 and 3, we stopped along the lighted riverwalk and lunged for 1 light pole, sprinted to the next light pole and repeated that sequence for two more rounds.
        We ended back at the love shack for our final 5:25 set. In the middle of that set we spotted joggers and we all dropped and conducted 10 burpees.
        After the final set was done, we gathered for some 6MOM, but as we were about to get started, we spotted more joggers so we all dropped and did 10 more burpees…time ran out on the morning.
        *We welcomed 2 FNG’s and imparted the names “Vila” and “Flemish” to them. We also enjoyed the company of the Nomad Schnauzer.

        Seek Shelter

        When: 08/08/2017
        Where: Hill City

        QIC: Steam Engine
        PAX: Stairmaster, Rainman, Delta, Angus, Ohms, Prosciutto, Choo Choo
        Conditions: 68 degrees with light rain
        Disclaimer: Not a pro, here on your own, push yourself, modify as needed, & if hurt/injured will carry/drag you to your car
        This beautiful morning we had to share the Love Shack with the homeless since they were seeking shelter from the rain. So we did a small mosey to the Great Hall to get things started.
        Warm Up:
        SSH 15x
        Alternating Toe Touches 15x
        Cotton Pickers 15x
        Merkins 15x
        The Thang:
        Wall Sit w/ Muhammad Ali’s 20x
        Wall Sit w/ Joe Frazier’s 20x
        Wall Sit w/ Push Press 20x
        Mosey to River Walk
        Bear Crawl to lamp post (wait for 6)
        Merkins IC 10x
        Rinse and Repeat 4x
        Mosey to Wall
        The sprinklers were running this morning but all was good since the PAX were already full of sweat by this point or so I told myself. In reality it was a combination of both rain and sweat.
        Dips IC 10x
        Decline Mountain Climbers IC 10x
        Rinse and Repeat 4x
        Mosey to the Stairs
        Box Jump w/ a squat to the top (Increase the amount of squats after each step)
        Rinse and Repeat 2x
        Mosey to the Love Shack
        Namorama/Shoutouts/Prayer Requests
        WOD: Referenced Podcast Angus shared with us on the group. How we need a group of friends that we can go to with our problems. Friends that we can open up about the hard issues. F3 gives us that we all suffer together every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday morning and it is through this bonding that allows us to be able to open up with one another. If you have not listened to the podcast I highly recommend you give it a listen.
        F3 on AOM

        F3 on Art of Manliness

        If you’re like many modern men, you might have a pretty good life — a decent job, a family, a home, maybe a few hobbies. Despite having the appearance of a good life, though, you feel kind of empty inside. Like you’re missing something.
        My guests today would argue that what you’ve got is a case of Sad Clown Syndrome and to get over it, you need to get together with some men and do some burpees.
        Their names are Dave Redding and Tim Whitmire and they’re the leaders of a grassroots movement bringing men together for free workouts called F3, which stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. According to them, they’ve seen tens of thousands of men not only get physically in shape by attending F3 workouts, but reenergize themselves mentally and spiritually.
        Today on the show, Dave and Tim share the origins of F3 and how they realized it was solving the problem of Sad Clown Syndrome in the lives of American men. They then detail what the symptoms of Sad Clown Syndrome are, and how exactly F3 acts as a remedy. We then discuss why male friends are so important in a man’s life and why the typical guys that men call friends aren’t really friends. We end our conversation by discussing what the 3 Fs in F3 mean, including why the “Faith” component is more about having a purpose beyond yourself and less about religion.
        Listen on Soundcloud

        The Master Blaster

        QIC: Angus
        PAX: Mudslide, Prosciutto, Sparkles, and Rainman
        POST DATE: August 05, 2017
        AO: The Land Fill
        Conditions: 65 Degrees and Dry – feels like fall.

        The disclaimer was executed with precision on a morning like this there was no harshing the mellow of these PAX — it was a light crew but a tough and tested bunch that were ready to take whatever YHC threw at em. With that we moseyed over to the top gate started out with 15 slow and bone cracking cold muscle burpees. The PAX (YHC included) fumbled through those first five — but smoothed out no problem.
        YHC instructed – Head down to the bottom gate and then head on straight back, that’ll be a mile. The PAX made the trek and held a low plank at the top while they waited for the six. Then, 15 more burpees.
        Now everyone’s favorite part, The Warm Up.
        Warm Up: SSH x 20, Finkle Swing x 15, SSH x 20, IW x 20, SSH x 20, AK x 20, SSH x 20, HK x 20, SSH x 20, and WHK x 20
        YHC decided to save the second half of the warm up for later and keep the PAX guessing — lets see how the main event goes.
        The Thang: YHC took an old workout, “the merkicide” and just added 3 more rounds to it. Seems simple enough, but the result was one heck of a beat down. This can be done in a parking lot with lines, a football field, or a large field with cones. The distance between each can vary, YHC measured 8 cones spaced about 10 yards apart.
        Master Blaster
        Round 1:
        Bear Crawl to the 1st Cone > 1 Merkin > Run Back
        Bear Crawl to 2nd Cone > 2 Merkins > Run Back
        Repeat until last cone
        Round 2:
        Broad Jump to 1st Cone > 1 Squat > Run Back
        Broad Jump to 2nd Cone > 2 Squats > Run Back
        Repeat until last cone
        Round 3:
        Backwards Crabwalk to 1st Cone > 1 BBS > Run Back
        Backwards Crabwalk to 2nd Cone > 2 BBS > Run Back
        Repeat until last cone
        Round 4:
        Lunge to 1st Cone > 1 Burpee > Run Back
        Lunge to 2nd Cone > 2 Burpees > Run Back
        Repeat until last cone
        With a little time to spare we set out to finish our warm up – head down the wall.
        The Warm Up: The PAX headed down and found the best wall in the shade — each PAX grabbed a buddy. While the buddy held a wall sit the other performed the exercises, then swap.
        Wall Sit / Diamond Merkins x 15. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Carolina Dry Docks x 15. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Merkins x 15. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Jump Squats x 15. Swap.
        Wall Sit / LAC x 20. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Chinooks x 20. Swap.
        Wall Sit / Moroccan Night Club x 20. Swap.
        Moleskin: We are a community of men and we have an opportunity to build one another up. Hold your brothers accountable, we aren’t just workout buddies. We all win and lose and struggle together. Look for opportunities to get to know one another better, not just so we can become good friends but so we can build our community together.
        Angus Out

        Murph 2.0

        BB For Thursday, August 3rd.
        Q: Rainman “Darnell Woods”
        It was a wonderful clear morning, 5 Pax showed up for a light run of 2 miles at 5AM! Little did they know that Murph was coming around the corner. 3 More PAX showed up at 530AM where they worked up a good sweat during the warm up. After a mosey over to the walking bridge murph awaited. The one mile run began, the trek down and back across the bridge felt good. Until the circuit began. 100 Merk-Jacks, 200 Squat Jumps over the cone, 300 Monkey Humpers!!!! Yay, PAX after Pax completed the first mile and time was dwindling down. The Q made a decision, maybe because of time, maybe because of the insanity, or maybe both 🙂. The circuit was cut to 50, 75, 100 and two 10 counts after that. But then it was on to the last mile. The PAX gave it all they had, not one PAX stopped, but pushed through and survived the muprh.

        PAX: Rainman, Angus, Prosciutto, Mr. Clean, Delta, Laces Out, Mudslide, Ohms

        The Murph Grand-Prix

        When: 08/01/17
        Where: Hill City
        QIC: Ohms
        The PAX: Prosciutto, Rainman, Angus, Mr. Clean, Banjo, Mudslide, Delta, Laces Out

        Conditions: Clear Skies, 85 def F
        Excellent turnout this AM at 0530. YHC woke up feeling great this morning…had a great night’s sleep with no morning drowsiness present. Started his morning off with a banana and a short drive to Hill City to get the day started off in good way through a good Old Fashioned Beatdown. Upon arrival, the PAX had shown up early and were waiting under the Love Shack prepared for some morning fun. The shovel flag was planted, the disclaimer was given, and the workout began.
        YHC wanted to spread out the Leadership Roll so I let everyone have a little bit of the Q action. We went around the circle letting each PAX come up with an exercise.
        – SSH x 10 IC (Ohms)
        – Imperial Walkers x 10 IC (Banjo)
        – Slow Merkins x 10 IC (Prosciutto)
        – Squat x 10 IC (Rainman)
        – Plank Jacks x 10 IC (Mudslide)
        – Ass Kickers x 10 IC (Mr. Clean)
        – High Knees x 10 IC (Angus)
        – Mountain Climbers x 10 IC (Delta)
        – SSH x 20 IC (Laces Out)
        THE THANG
        Circuit #1 (Round 1 – Mt. Midoriyama Grand Prix)
        Start out in front of Mt. Midoriyama
        Step 1: Run a lap around Mt. Midoriyama (0.2 miles)
        Step 2: Bear Crawl 15 yards
        Step 3: Lunge 15 Yards
        Step 4: Run to the top of Mt. Midoriyama and then back to bottom
        Step 5: Perform 25 Merkins
        Rinse and Repeat all Steps x 4
        Circuit #2 (Round 2 – The Stairway to Heaven Grand Prix)
        Start out in front of Concrete Stairway (Where the Swamp Thing lives)
        Step 1: Run a lap around Mt. Midoriyama (0.2 miles)
        Step 2: Duck Walk 15 yards
        Step 3: Karaoke 15 Yards
        Step 4: Run to the bottom of the stairway and then box jump up to the top
        Step 5: Perform 50 Dips
        Rinse and Repeat all Steps x 4
        YHC decided to continue with the spreading out of the Leadership Roll so we went around the circle letting each PAX come up with an ab exercise.
        – LBC x 10 IC (Ohms)
        – Hello Dolly x 10 IC (Banjo)
        – American Hammers x 10 IC (Laces Out)
        – WWII Sit-Ups x 10 OYO (Rainman)
        – Rosalita x 10 IC (Mudslide)
        – Freddie Mercury x 10 IC (Mr. Clean)
        – Crunchy Frog x 10 IC (Angus)
        – Pickle Pounders x 10 IC (Delta)
        – Point & Hold (Prosciutto)
        COT – Count-Off, Name-O-Rama, Shout-Outs, Prayer Requests
        QUOTE – “Leaders aren’t born they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. And that’s the price we’ll have to pay to achieve that goal, or any goal.“ – Vince Lombardi –