Seek Shelter

When: 08/08/2017
Where: Hill City

QIC: Steam Engine
PAX: Stairmaster, Rainman, Delta, Angus, Ohms, Prosciutto, Choo Choo
Conditions: 68 degrees with light rain
Disclaimer: Not a pro, here on your own, push yourself, modify as needed, & if hurt/injured will carry/drag you to your car
This beautiful morning we had to share the Love Shack with the homeless since they were seeking shelter from the rain. So we did a small mosey to the Great Hall to get things started.
Warm Up:
SSH 15x
Alternating Toe Touches 15x
Cotton Pickers 15x
Merkins 15x
The Thang:
Wall Sit w/ Muhammad Ali’s 20x
Wall Sit w/ Joe Frazier’s 20x
Wall Sit w/ Push Press 20x
Mosey to River Walk
Bear Crawl to lamp post (wait for 6)
Merkins IC 10x
Rinse and Repeat 4x
Mosey to Wall
The sprinklers were running this morning but all was good since the PAX were already full of sweat by this point or so I told myself. In reality it was a combination of both rain and sweat.
Dips IC 10x
Decline Mountain Climbers IC 10x
Rinse and Repeat 4x
Mosey to the Stairs
Box Jump w/ a squat to the top (Increase the amount of squats after each step)
Rinse and Repeat 2x
Mosey to the Love Shack
Namorama/Shoutouts/Prayer Requests
WOD: Referenced Podcast Angus shared with us on the group. How we need a group of friends that we can go to with our problems. Friends that we can open up about the hard issues. F3 gives us that we all suffer together every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday morning and it is through this bonding that allows us to be able to open up with one another. If you have not listened to the podcast I highly recommend you give it a listen.
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