When: 08/24/2017
Pax: Angus, 5-0, Ohms, Snowflake, Rainman, Banjo
Q: Prosciutto

The scene: Beautiful morning, cool 66 degrees and only 71% humidity. Not as much dew on the ground, perhaps a sign that the change in season is upon us. True to the origins of his name, Snowflake shows up and retains his long sleeves throughout the workout; in a few words, he confirms that he’s going to adorn extra layers when temps drop below 70. #Kotters to 5-0 and Banjo for reigning victorious against the fartsack; great to see these two getting after it!
Mosey to the great hall
Just before the warmup, YHC Discussed and recognized that the PAX that consistently show up to post in the mornings are undoubtedly disciplined in this piece of their life. But are there areas of life where you could also stand to practice that same discipline, to improve those around you and yourself? And with that thought we started:
SSH x 10 IC
BAC x 12 IC
SSH x 12 IC
Deep Squat x 12 IC (w/ Mr. Clean count)
High knees x 10 IC
4×4 (burpee to plank, 4 merkin, 4 mtn climb) x 10 OYO
High plank IC x 15
Makhtar ndiaye x 10 IC
Annie’s IC x 12
Angle Grinders x 10 OYO
Plank & points x 12 IC
CDD x 12 IC
Plank Speed Arms x 12 OYO
Mosey to Coolidge park field
Pax line up shoulder to shoulder and full sprint 100 yards, on the other end complete 10 merkins; walk back together to starting point
Rinse & Repeat 4.5x
Mosey back to love shack
– Curls x 20 OYO
– overhead press x 20 OYO
– Bent over rows x 20 OYO
– Skull crusher x 20 OYO
– Bench press x 20 OYO
1- Hammer
2- Leg Raises
3- LBC
4- Hollywood
5- leg climbs
6- Flutter kicks
7- box cutters
Keep in mind the “I am Third” mentality. While you might think you’re putting yourself third, consider all facets of your life. Home-life, work-life, personal relationships, spousal relationships, proper parenting. Just one piece of your life is not enough. The constant challenge to the pax is to embody the HIM mentality, challenge the status quo. T-claps to Angus’ suggestion that simply doing the little things is not enough, but doing them with proper grace and a positive attitude makes the difference. To perform any unselfish act under the guise of a poor attitude, is not an unselfish act at all; rather, it’s an attempt at checking a box of “favor”. Consider the ultimate code of conduct demonstrated in Jesus’ actions to pattern your acts of kindness. He has given us the model; He has shown us the way.
– Rainman on Q Saturday
– Cam Run 5k on Saturday