Hefty Dose of Hill, 9/11/2001 Remembered

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 09/09/2017
PAX: Angus,  Burgundy, Grease Trap (Willy Loman – Nashville), Mr. Clean, Mudslide, Ohms,  Stairmaster
AO: Landfill

Conditions: 59 Degrees very little humidity… a bit more gloomy than usual

The disclaimer was delivered and we quickly began the warm-up, as follows:
A quick preword about this particular Q:
The moment YHC learned about the Q schedule set in place by #Ohms, it was evident that something would need to be done as a commemorative down-painment to honor those we lost almost 16 years ago.  So, with that in mind, YHC thoughtfully and respectfully delivered the following:
Warm Up
SSH x 15 IC
Imperial Walker x 12 IC
Hillbillies x 12 IC
Single-Leg SSH x 12 IC (per leg)
4×4 (Burpee to 4 merkins and then 4 mountain climbers) x 7 OYO
High Plank x 10 IC
Side Plank x 10 IC
Side Plank x 10 IC
Good Morning Abby x 10 OYO
Monkey Humpers x 12 IC
Squat x 12 IC
The Thang: Hefty Dose Of Hill
After the warmup, PAX were instructed that there were 110 floors at the World Trade Center, which, the planes struck floor 104. With that in mind, the PAX were instructed to run from the upper gate to the lower gate (approx .5 mile) and then on the way back up, run using the sidewalk (which adds an additional tenth of a mile). Voila – 1.10 miles. As is typical for the F3Chatt region, we gave it our all and actually officially completed 1.22. Boom!
Hold plank and wait for the six
The pax were then instructed to mosey to the bottom of the hill (Mt. Fookumi).
Pax complete 3 repetitions of:
Bernie Sanders up, run back down
Bear Crawl up, run back down
At this point, YHC inserts a Lombardi-esque speech to implore the PAX to consider something… Consider the sacrifice of those service men and women on that day 09/11. Consider what they did, who they did it for and why? This was the ultimate embodiment of the “I am Third” philosophy; truly a remarkable group of people giving everything to serve those in danger. YHC asks, “Would you have done the same?”
YHC issues the command for the PAX to select a rock; mumble-chatter ensues.  ‘Something … something… goldilocks… etc and so forth…’  As YHC knew what was coming, I selected the biggest rock I could find in the pile; the PAX all had a turn at this monster, to which it was dubbed, Sir Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.
Elevens (Burpees / Lunges):
The Pax were asked to line up shoulder-to-shoulder with their rock, perform 1 rep of the first exercise at the bottom, carry the rock and ran up the hill to perform 10 reps of the second exercise. At the bottom, move right, complete one more rep than before at the bottom (2), run with the next man’s rock, and complete one less rep at the top (9). Repeat until the numbers flip.
Sum always adds up to 11

The run and the reps from the Eleven’s both add/show 110, in one way or another.  Representative of the total number of floors in the WTC.  Credit to Mr. Clean’s fitbit, for tracking our floors gained, which was 50.