You’ve got a Friend

QIC: Prosciutto (aye!)
Date: 10/30/2017
PAX: Banjo, Best in Show (RESPECT), Delta, Rainman, Snowflake
AO: Beast Ridge
Conditions: Temperature, 31 degrees; frigid and frosty. Thank you God (that is all).

Disclaimer was brief (if provided at all) and the warm-up began very promptly @ 0530 as standing around proved to be ineffective in keeping warm.
– Burpees x 10 OYO
– Lunges x 10 – single count
– High Knees x 10 IC
– Lunges x 10 – single count
– High Knees x 10 IC
– IW x 10 IC
– Flutter Kick x 15 IC
– Wide High Knees x 10 IC
– Hello Dolly x 15 IC
– Merkins x 10 single count
– High plank x 15 IC
– Slow tempo Merkins IC
– High plank x 15 IC
– Burpees x 10 OYO

** To YHC’s great surprise, ‘there are hills in this here AO.’ I have long thought of this park as being a flood plain –and a friend confirmed this point whose Grandfather owned the land the Bass Pro sits on a long while ago; but I digress– lo and behold, there is a bit of elevation towards the entrance. At a quick glance, I spotted a good place and the group was inclined (see what I did there?) to begin the thang ***

The Main Thang:
The Pax commence a short mosey to said inclination, and so it goes…
11’s on this here hill filled with:
– Angle grinders at the bottom (increment until 10 reps)
– Bear crawl each ascent
– Squats at the top (decrement until 1 rep)
**Mosey to stadium steps
Calf-raises x 15 IC
Repeat-o x 3
**Mosey to the parking lot
YHC commissioned his #Friends to give a ~100 yard end-point for what was coming next.
After much deliberation about what 100 yards actually looked like, we agreed to the far light pole in the distance… yep… that one.
An AMRAP (“As many reps as possible”) exercise for 6 stations.
The assignments as follows:
PAX 1 – Out & back “sprint” to the designated light pole and then assume PAX 6’s position
PAX 2 – Cotton Pickers, rotate right when PAX 1 returns
PAX 3 – Bicep Curls w/ coupon, rotate right when PAX 1 returns
PAX 4 – Shoulder Press w/ coupon, rotate right when PAX 1 returns
PAX 5 – Plank, rotate right when PAX 1 returns
PAX 6 – Flutter kick, rotate right when PAX 1 returns
Rinse and Repeat x 2
In Acts 18: 1 – 17, God provides Paul two true friends (Aquila and Priscilla) to continue the mission of preaching the gospel in Corinth. Through this partnership, he’s able to establish and gain traction with his mission. This eventually paved the way for the four letters of Corinthians (two did not end up in the Cannon)and the work of many more good things to come.
How does this happen? True friendship. Someone to be there for you when you need it. Someone who will celebrate and grieve and mourn with you. Someone who lends a hand or offers support before you ask or need for it. Someone who cares…
I read a recent report/poll that said the average person has 6 “good” friends. 6!???!!
To that, I say, only 6?! YHC had 6 helpful/supportive/encouraging/accountable guys who I could count on just this morning…
How many do you have? How many are meaningful? Do you know someone who needs a friend? Be a friend…better yet, offer them lots of friends; welcome to F3 Chattanooga.
Aye! See you in the gloom!