BLIMPS fly even in cold weather

QIC: Delta
Date: 11/27/2017
PAX: Prosciutto, Rainman, Best in Show, Early Bird, Steam Engine, FNG-Big Worm
AO: Beast Ridge


Freaking Cold…28 degrees…our gonads had shrink to the size of BB’s, but that didn’t stop these 7 men from coming out to get better
The Welcome & Disclaimer and then we headed straight into…
15 Burpees (The QIC had planned for us to start off with 10 burpees, but we had to add 5 additional ones to complete the FNG penalty / challenge).
Side Straddle Hop / In Cadence x 15
Mountain Climbers / IC x 15
Butt Kickers / IC x 15
Cotton Pickers / IC x 15
Side Straddle Hop / IC x 15
Arm Circles (Forward) / IC X15
Arm Circles (Backwards) / IC X15
Chinooks / IC X15
Moroccan Night Club / IC X15
Side Straddle Hop / IC x 15
RUN two light poles and stop and perform these exercises…with a two light pole jog in between each one.
1st stop: 10 Burpees
2nd: 20 Lunges
3rd: 30 Imperial Walkers (IC x 30)
4th: 40 Merkins
5th: 50 Plank Jacks
6th: 60 Squats
+We then turned around, ran back the way we came and did the same exercises in revere order.
7th: 60 Squats
8th: 50 Plank Jacks
9th: 40 Merkins
10th: 30 Imperial Walkers (IC x 30)
11th: 20 Lunges
12th: 10 Burpees
+There may have been a few 10 (or 11) counts in between some of the exercises…
Pickle Pounder / IC x 15
Flutter Kicks / IC x 15
Freddie Mercury / IC x 15
Hold Low Plank for 45 seconds
+Prosciutto saw a shooting star and we all marveled for a moment…we probably just were looking for an excuse to take a break…
Hello Dolly / IC x 15
Rosalita / IC x 15
Box Cutters / IC x 15
Crunchy Frog / IC x 15
Best in Show led the group in some LBC’s / IC x 15
Steam Engine followed with some RBC’s / IC x 15
Early Bird finished us off with some Dying Cockroaches / IC x 15 (the irony here is that he found a dying cockroaches, or something like it in his post-workout biscuit.
+We imparted the name Big Worm to our 1 FNG…Big Worm is currently on the road traveling to Arizona where he is starting a new job with the Air Force. We encouraged him to find / start an F3 out there…
The shovel flag reminds us that as men, we have been given a God-given mandate to work…to move earth. We are called to live in such a way that things (such as our wives, family, church, community, friendships, etc) flourish…We do this by putting aside passivity and by following Jesus in being sacrificial servant leaders…
To summarize what I have learned through walking with Jesus and through F3, it’s this: Men, get your Sh!t together and get you A$$ to work.
I don’t typically use language as this, but sometimes as men, we need to be told exactly how it is.