Let There Be Light

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 11/25/2017
PAX: Four Eyes, Mr. Clean, Rainman, Ringwald, and Sparkles
AO: The Landfill


35 degrees, foggy, and very humid.  Some extra excitement was certainly in the air due to the Nomad visiting this morning for a beatdown. 

The Disclaimer

“This is F3, I am proud to lead you men, but I am no expert and you are here on your own free will.  I encourage you to modify in either direction if necessary.


SSH X 15
Alternating Toe Touches X 15
SSH X 15
Cotton Pickers X 15
SSH X 15
Windmills X 15
SSH X 15
Arm Circles X 15
Reverse X 15
Moroccan Night Clubs X 15
Shoulder Press X 15
Burpee Penalty (6)

The Thang

Round 1 (Let there be Light) 
PAX were instructed to complete exercises at every light pole as they worked toward the top – Merkins and Squats in Progression.  Mumblechatter certainly ensued.
1st – 1 Merkin & 1 Squat
2nd – 2 Merkins & 2 Squats
3rd – 3 Merkins & 3 Squats
YHC planned for a rinse and repeat routine until we reached the top; however, an audible was needed due to time constraints.  The PAX stopped at the 25th light pole for Round 2.
Round 2
Grab a Rock!
PAX 1 – Top the hill with rock and complete 10 Carolina Dry Docks
PAX 2 – Complete 10 Bent Over Rows and 10 Shoulder Press (Hold Plank until Partner                       Returns)
PAX 1- Complete 10 Bent Over Rows and 10 Shoulder Press (Hold Plank until Partner                       Returns)
PAX 2- Top the hill with rock and complete 10 Carolina Dry Docks
Rinse and Repeat 3 More Times
2.25 Miles
325 – Merkins
325 – Squats
50 – Carolina Dry Docks
50 – Bent Over Rows
50 – Shoulder Presses


In Genesis, the Lord speaks of our World’s light and how it came to be.  During mumblechatter, a PAX expressed the idea for “Let there be Light” or Genesis 1:1 as our workout title today.  YHC looked up shortly after and witnessed the absolutely beautiful site that is the morning sun rising and creating the gorgeous mix of colors across the sky.  All this, simply reminds us of the special passage that is Philippians 4:13.  “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.  God is blessing the men of F3 by expecting us all to lead by striving for the light in front of us, but with leadership, we are giving difficult situations, trials, and tribulations; however, we MUST always revert back to Philippians, find joy in the opportunity, realize no hill is to high, and we will ALWAYS have UNFAILING strength through Christ. 


Cards from Mr. Clean’s Special Ed. class are still available.  Contact for details. 

Upcoming Qs

11/27/2017 – Beast Ridge (5:30 – East Ridge)
11/28/2017 – Hill City (5:30 – Renaissance Park)
11/29/2017 – The Griff (5:30 – Vandergriff Park)
11/30/2017 – Hill City (5:30 – Renaissance Park)
Mr. Cleab
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