QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 12/21/2017
PAX: Angus, Best in Show, Burrito, Mr. Clean, Ohms, Picasso, Ringwald, Sundance, Sunshine, Vila, Whittler, and Wort
AO: Hill City
52 degrees, foggy, a light drizzle, and a perfect day for driving or flying Delta to our beatdown.
The Disclaimer
YHC explained that this was a workout to pay tribute to a nomadic PAX, thanks Delta, and the beatdown YHC received at his 1st workout, followed by the reminder that YHC is not a professional, modification is acceptable and expected when needed, and the PAX is there on their own free will.


-Side Straddle Hop / In Cadence x 15
-Arm Circles (Forward / Backwards) IC x 15
-Moroccan Night Club IC x 15
-Squat Chinooks / IC x 15
-Shoulder Press IC x 15
-Squat / IC x 15
–Side Straddle Hop / IC x 15

The Thang

I-75 VIA Route 66

  1. Run the distance of two light poles and do 1 burpee
  2. Run the distance of another two light poles and do 2 burpees
  3. Continue on until you have made 11 stops for a total of 66 Burpees.

After completion, The PAX completed 9 burpees together to get from Route 66 to I-75. A couple of 10 counts were mixed in.
YHC reminded the PAX that Delta probably did a lot of traveling on I-75 to his new home.

Stairway to Seven
We took a mosey to the bottom of the Swamp Stairs and the PAX did the following.

  1. At the bottom of the stairs, do 7 incline Merkins
  2. Complete high knee step-ups 1 stair, then do 7 dips
  3. Complete high knee step-ups 1 stair then do 7 Merkins
  4. Rinse and Repeat Until the Top is Reached

Hold Plank Until ALL PAX arrive. A couple of 10 counts were needed among the Mumblechatter.
We took a slow mosey to the LOVE SHACK where we grabbed a partner.
PAX 1- Joe Frazier’s in Wall Sit – 100 reps
PAX 2- AYG Sprint Up Mt. Midoriyama
PAX 2 runs back to switch and picks up count.
PAX 1- Shoulder Press in Wall Sit – 200 total reps
PAX 2- AYG Sprint Up Mt. Midoriyama
PAX 2 runs back to switch and picks up count
Naming of FNGs — Welcome Burrito and Sunshine


YHC told the story of his first workout with Delta, the respect he had for him, and the humbling irony that there was 2 FNGs for today’s beatdown!!! YHC reminded the PAX of the importance of the 3rd F and what it stood for. Faith is the dynamite that truly sets us apart. A particular faith is not required for F3, but a clear understanding of something greater than ourselves is required (the I am third mentality). YHC then shared this message with the PAX that came through inspiration during Laces Out’s prayer after yesterday’s workout.
When I worked out in the rain and slog this morning, I “looked” up with closed eyes at the end during the prayer and felt God as those raindrops hit my face; because, with no rain, we do not have the rainbows God gives us. Without the rain we don’t have the refreshment, on the hot, sunny days when we celebrate God’s beauty through the warmth on our face. Without that rain, we don’t have the water to quench our thirst during a beatdown. With the rain, however, we are reminded of the cleansing Grace of Jesus Christ.


***Family Workout for Saturday has been postponed due to weather***

Coffeeteria still scheduled. Location TBD between Two Sons & Julie Darling’s
GoRuck Tough 8/17/2018
Tough Mudder 9/15/2018

Upcoming Qs

12/23- “Hot Potato” Q (The Landfill)
12/25- Ohms “Festivus Fitness Fun” (Location TBD)
12/26- TBD (Hill City)
12/27- Ohms (The Griff)
12/28- Prosciutto (Hill City)
12/30- Angus (The Landfill)