CFP Football in the Rain

Q: Laces Out (Respect)
Pax: Mr. Clean, Ohms, Picasso, Prosciutto
AO: The Griff
Conditions: 53 and very wet, steady rain.
Disclaimer and intro to CFP workout. Since we’re in Bowl season and headed to College Football Playoff, YHC decided to build workout around football and CFP theme. Coupon today is Football which we must keep off ground.
Finkle swings 15 each leg with partner
Carolina dry docks 12 IC
Imperial walkers 15 IC
The Thang:CFP circuit
C-“Catch Me if You Can” around playground sidewalk with partners.
Pax 1 does 10 merkins while Pax 2 Bernie Sanders. After Pax 1 finishes merkins he sprints to catch Pax 2 and they switch places. Run until finish one lap.
Mosey to Football field across street
FFour Corners with field goals
On the football field at first corner of end zone:
10 Merkins OYO run to next Corner
10 LBCs run to next Corner
10 Imperial Walkers IC run to next Corner
10 Squats OYO
Then Ohms attempted and made field goal! Rinse and repeat:
20 reps each Corner then Mr Clean missed FG wide left.
30 reps last round with YHC missing last FG with this experience: After telling Ohms about my most embarrassing moment of kicking at U of Memphis in pouring down rain against Southern Miss, YHC promptly did exact same thing with plant foot slipping in the mud and falling down while attempting FG! No good! Saving grace both time: no game film to prove it! Laces Out was reminded later by Mr Clean who told holder Ohms: “Laces were in, Dan!”
Burpee penalty of 10 each for missed FG=20 burpees in the puddles!
PPrisoner Indian Run
Holding hands behind head (similar position to Imperial Walkers) the Pax did an Indian Run back across street to the park.
Peter Parker’s with merkins 15 IC led by Prosciutto with demonstration.
Because we still had time, added one more lap of Catch Me If You Can.
Flutterkick 12 IC
Hello Dolly 12 IC
Rosalita 12 IC
Plank 20 IC
Reverse Peter Parker-led by Picasso 12 IC
CFP-Test of determination and hard work in today’s workout! College Football Playoff is not the only CFP in our home. YHC’s M finished finance degree in college and then studied for and passed the Certified Financial Planner’s tests. However the first time before sitting for the CFP Board exam, gave it up to stay home with our newborn. Nearly twenty years later, she did it again this time passing the board exam and now working as Financial Advisor. My take on this is: Our role as husbands is to love and lead our wives, but also support them to utilize God’s gifting and purpose in their lives. I’m blessed to see my wife’s determination and hard work over the years as a great mom and now use her talent as a ministry to help young couples, single mom’s and other women with their financial planning. As a pastor, she’s preferred and supported me in ministry and I want to do the same for her! Let’s lead and love our wives today and be better men in the process.
Prayed together