If You Ain’t First, You’re Last

QIC: Mr. Clean & Picasso
Date: 12/30/2017
PAX: Angus, Best In Show (Respect!), Chief, Ohms, Snowflake
AO: The Landfill


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The Disclaimer

F3 Nation, Inc. (“F3″) is a peer-led, zero-cost non-profit workout group. F3 makes no representations with regard to the skill level of workout leaders, the safety of the exercises performed during workouts or the hazardousness of the premises upon which workouts are conducted.


  • SSH x 15
  • LBAC x 15
  • Reverse LBAC x 15
  • SSH x 15
  • Mountain Climbers x 15
  • High Knees x 15

The Thang

During a Friday lunch Ruck, Mr. Clean and Picasso quoted Will Ferrell from his many hilarious movies. Picasso had Q on the upcoming Saturday and Mr. Clean suggested that they lead a Co Q based that had a Will Ferrell movie themed feel to it. Picasso agreed, and they got to planning. The Landfill was by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego, but then soon redacted San Diego to it’s original name ‘The Landfill’. We wanna say something. We’re gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don’t, send it right back. For just one post let’s not be co-people. Let’s be co-pax.
NOTE: Any any time during the post, if Picasso shouts out “You’re my boy, blue”, each pax drops and does 10 Merkins. 
Old School
Mosey down the hill from the love shack.
Earmuff Squats x 20 IC
Pretty Nice Little Saturday

  • Squats x 10 IC
  • Merkins x 10 IC
  • Burpees x 10 IC
  • Planks x 20 IC

The Red Dragon (it’s not even street legal and may never been seen again) x 10 IC

  • Pax line up in a single file line. Each pax gets lays face down on the ground one in front of the other. The lead pax puts his feet on the second pax back and so on until each pax in the middle of the lead and end pax has their feet elevated. On count, each pax lifts up to a Merkin. Rinse and repeat

Wedding Crashers
Ma, The Meatloaf!! x 10

  • This partner work out is a modification of the wheelbarrow merkin. One pax does a wheelbarrow merkin. Upon completion of the wheelbarrow merkin, the second pax holding the first pax legs, does a deadlift with his partners legs. Alternate until each pax has done 10.

Motorboats (crunchy frog) x 20
Stage 5 Clinger 

  • Pull up x 10
  • Merkin x 10

Crazy Pills x 20 IC

  • Pax sits on his knees. He the rises his upper body off his knees and leans back, feeling the burn in the hamstrings and quads, he counts 20 IC.

Blue Steel x 80 IC

  • Pax hold plank for 20 IC, without dropping form, the pax alternates to side plank and holds for 20 IC, without dropping form, the pax alternates to bridge planks for 20 IC, without dropping form, the pax alternates to side plank for 20 IC

Step Brothers
Tea Bagging the Drum Set

  • PAX moseyed to the facilities to assume the BTTW position. Pax completed 10 IC “Ascending Testicles” routines.

We Just Became Best Friends

  • Pax circled up close to the faculties to complete the next round, but the Pax reminded YHC there was SO much more room for activities on the field.
  • We moseyed to the field, grabbed a parter, carried said partner to a designated point. Pax 1 performed 10 squats while Pax 2 performed 10 Merkins. Flapjack, run back to the starting line, rinse and repeat until each Pax has carried the other 3 times. WE JUST BECAME BEST FRIENDS!
  • Finally, we made it to the Catalina Wine Mixer. Pax completed 15 CWMs OYO (yep, we have the CWM in the Exicon!)

Talladega Nights/Anchorman
I Love Lamp/Shake & Bake

  • Pax were instructed to find a lamp that they loved. (Serious mumblechatter ensued as PAX were strewn about). YHC instructed the Pax to find a partner at a light pole.
  • Pax performed 15 OYO “Shake and Bake” Merkins. Each Pax completes a merkin, fist bumps, completes another merkin, and fist bumps with the other hand….that’s one rep

“I’m on Fire, Ricky Bobby!”

  • Pax completed the Fire Drill with a true Ricky Bobby/Southeast TN twist! When each Pax yelled FIRE, they did with their best country boy/Ricky Bobby accent.
  • Inifinity Al-Gore’s – Pax held Al Gore IC until YHC determined we felt like Ricky Bobby when he was “paralyzed”.

Reverse Pickle Pounders
Contractor Squares
Freddie Mercury’s


Today’s workout, while entertaining and out of the norm, came from something pretty cool…a thrown together F2 event by YHC and Picasso. The lesson: we can truly develop something great and productive if we are just willing to give another person our most valuable asset: time, then something surprisingly and often very cool happens. At the very least, we build relationships with people; because, proper leadership requires building strong relationships with others. We ALL have a story to tell and it’s our responsibility to take time to remember this and make an effort to get to know those stories of others.


Go Ruck Tough 8/17/18 – 7 HIM already committed.
Tough Mudder – 9/15/18

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