Jumping Jack Frost

QIC: Angus
Date: 01/02/2018
PAX: Best in Show, Ohms, Prosciutto, Whittler
AO: Hill City



The Disclaimer

Fully delivered through the bold and blustery frost bite.


SSH x 20
Jog in place to help get the blood flowing — 12 degrees demands movement
Mosey to the Great Hall
SSH x 20
Windmill x 15
Cotton Pickers x 15
SSH x 20
Finkle Swing x 15
SSH x 20
Squat x 15
SSH x 20
HK x 15
WHK x 15
AK x 15
SSH x 20
Lunges x 15
Mosey to the parking lot behind Mt. Midoriyama
Inifinite Plank – All PAX hold plank for an infinite amount of time while performing plank like exercises. YHC called out the following IC.
Merkins x 15
Plank x 10
Mountain Climbers x 15
Plank x 10
Carolina Dry Docks x 15
Plank x 10
Pickle Pounders x 15

The Thang

Pax were lead to the bottom of the steps. The swamp was frozen solid.
French Dips – a traditional bench dip with a cabaret flare. pax holds at the top of a bench dip and kicks legs out in an alternating fashion. x5 each step then box jump. repeat until the top.
Raccoon Crawl – bear crawl from end to end each step until half way. then box jump up to the top.
One Leg Box Jumps – Jump up with one leg. swap legs and jump up again. repeat to the top.
Squats – Pax called activity. Down the line each pax calls out 5 squats and then box jump. Repeat to the top.
Twisted Sister – Start with left hand and left foot on the step  and right hand and right foot on the ground. Perform a off kilter merkin as best as you can. flip around to the other side and repeat. 5 each side. repeat to the top.


It’s the new year and that means all sorts of folks are making New Years Resolutions. The usual suspects — stop smoking, eat better, wake up early, read more and of course get fit. Just a half hearted approach to getting better — now before you start gettin defensive, some folks definitely have the stuff to get it done but in YHC’s opinion 9 times out of 10 thats just not the case.
But here in F3 we don’t make Resolutions. We make commitments.
We are hold one another accountable to getting better. Every. Single. Day. All year long. Now the challenge for you is talk with your neighbor, coworker, family member, or otherwise and introduce them to this thing we call accountability. Help them commit to goals like we help each other show up to the gloom.


GoRuck Tough – 8/17
Tough Mudder – 9/15

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