A Steam Clean F3 Lesson

QIC: Mr. Clean & Steam Engine
Date: 1/6/2018
PAX: Angus, Best in Show (RESPECT), Ohms, Pennywise, Picasso, Prosciutto, Ringwald, Snowflake, Vila
AO: The Landfill


Well, Ohms, Elsa is still clearly mad…18 degrees. She couldn’t keep away yet another FNG!!

The Disclaimer

F3 makes no representations with regard to the skill level of workout leaders, the safety of the exercises performed during workouts or the hazardousness of the premises upon which workouts are conducted. The men who lead F3 workouts are not paid to do so and no representations of any kind are made by F3 about their skill level.


SSH IC x20
Cotton Pickers IC x15
SSH IC x18
Windmill IC x15
SSH IC x15
Alternating Toe Touches IC x12
Baby Arm Circles IC x15
Reverse IC x15
Shoulder Press Holding Squat IC x15
SSH IC x12

The Thang

YHC and Steam Engine wanted to introduce the PAX to a wrestling style beatdown. We moseyed to the big field and Steam led the PAX to our friend BRUTOS. Well, apparently her and Elsa know each other and BRUTOS just couldn’t let it go (the ground that is!!). Yep, it is indeed a bit brisk in Tennessee. We called an audible, ironically, to complete the TN Iditarod.

Tennessee Iditarod

Pax were instructed to partner up, find their Dewayne, and become friends with a set of reigns (rope/towing straps) of their preference.
Pax 1- Wrapped reigns around waist
Pax 2- Shotput his Dewayne to determine the stopping point for Pax 1.
Pax 1- Completed The TN Iditarod.
Pax 2- Shotput Dewayne for a new destination.
Rinse and Repeat to the end of the field.
Pax 2- switched arms and completed same routine back.
Flapjack and complete the same routine.

From the Mats to the Stands

Pax completed Monkey Rolls until halted by YHC (a popular staple in mat drills)
Pax completed the Wave of Merkins (The wave is a popular staple for those in the stands)

Scout Run

Once each Pax completed 2 rotations we recovered (Two 10 counts) and moved to the next routine.
Partner up for some team Mary with Dewayne:
Big Boy Sit up: Holds Coupon overhead completes sit up and passes off coupon to partner and repeat til each PAX completes 10 reps
Dewayne Twist: Stand back to back with your partner and pass Dewayne to your side to hand off to your partner. Complete 10 reps each side.


The question is often posed, “Are leaders born or made?”, and YHC believes leaders are most certainly born. However, having potential and achieving potential are very different things. While leaders are born, they must put in the work to actually become a successful leader by learning from mistakes, continuing best practices, using both knowledge and wisdom, participating in honest reflection, and seeking constructive criticism from those wiser than themselves.BOM


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F3 Chattanooga Marathon Team 3/4/2018

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