Inaugural Run & Ruck @ The Griff

QIC: Mr. Clean & Vila
Date: 02/05/2018
PAX: Steam Engine & Whittler
AO: The Griff


Low 30’s, felt colder but ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for the Inaugural Run & Ruck at The Griff 

The Disclaimer


Given swiftly.  This is a new adventure, take care of yourself, modify if necessary, and we will NEVER leave the SIX behind!


Pax took an easy, slow, saunter across the road (Vila explained the importance of designating crossing guards properly to protect the Pax), into the parking lot, between the football and baseball field, and truly begin the journey of the Inaugural Run/Ruck at The Griff.

The Thang

Ruck 0.4 Miles
Station 1:
Merkins X10 – Single Count
Squats X15 – 4 count IC
Ruck 0.4 Miles — (0.8 Total)
Station 2:
Shoulder Press w/Pack X15 IC
Flutter Kicks w/Pack X15 IC
Curls w/Pack X15 IC
Ruck 0.7 Miles — (2 Total)
Station 3:
Plank X15 IC
Mountain Climbers X15 IC (Heavy Amounts of Mumblechatter. Determined Waist Straps are a valuable asset to Rucking)
Ruck 0.24 Miles to The Griff Parking Lot — (2.24 Total)
Drop Packs. Jailbreak Lap. 0.2 Miles — (2.44 Total)
10 burpee – OYO – penalty assessed for no flag


Inspired by Ringwald, YHC mentioned drinking the Kool-Aid the night before the post.  YHC carried this inspiration into today, and it was simply this: DRINK THE KOOL-AID. Kool-Aid is cheap, and easy to access but when people try it they seem to love it.  This has some similarities to F3 and Rucking. So, drink that Kool-Aid and discover it is extremely rewarding for the very low price of FREE! Take that first step…


**Ruck / Run at Monday/Wednesday AO’s**
Monday @ The Griff @ 5:30-6:15
Wednesday @ Beast Ridge @ 5:30-6:15

F1 Events:
– Chattanooga Marathon Training will continue (Picasso & Steam Engine on Q) – Event Date = 3/4/2018
– GoRuck Tough (Chattanooga) – Event Date = August; Vila on Q for Ruck training
– Tough Mudder (Nashville)
F2 News:
– Friday Breakfast Club will commence this week (Mr. Clean on Q); location is Lillie Mae’s in Hixson @ 6:30am — ***This will be rotating event*** (City Cafe – 02/16/2018)
– Potluck event (date TBD – April timeframe) at Mr. Clean’s house
– Flag football and family day – March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)
– Mr. Clean is looking for HCs to support the Food & Fun Program which is an opportunity to serve low-income students with healthy food options (please message Mr. Clean with interest)

Upcoming Qs

02/06 (Hill City) – Steam Engine
02/07 (The Griff) – Mr. Clean
02/08 (Hill City) – Snowflake

02/10 (Landfill) – Ohms