Obstacles & Communication

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 02/03/2018
PAX: Angus, Best In Show (RESPECT), Candu, Fissure, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean, Snowflake, Steam Engine
AO: The Landfill


Upper 20s, a bit overcast with a nip in the air

The Disclaimer

Gentleman, I don’t get paid a dime to do this and am not a professional; you’re all here of your own choice – therefore do not sue me if you are injured/mamed/decimated/eaten by a land shark from the retention pond, blown up by a doggy-land-mine, etc.  With that said, do the very best you can, even if that means you need to modify – go for it


SSH x 10 IC
Windmills x 7 IC
Slow-Tempo Squats x 10 IC
CDD x 10 IC
St Bernard Squats x 10 IC
Planking Hydrants x 10 IC (R/L)
Mommy Makers – 8 Count x 10
Mosey to the top park gate
Execute 7 burpees
Mosey to the start of the charted obstacle course
Execute 7 burpees
*YHC discusses the importance of communication and articulation of the goal/mission, offers simple explanation for “Startex/Endex” and demonstrates that the signs clearly state your objective
Mosey to next station and then traverse the hill to the bench jumps
*YHC discusses the next station
Pax Execute 7 burpees
Mosey to next station to discuss the calculated movements with coupons
*YHC demonstrates a weighted bucket “Shrug” and also delivers a key point that the font in the signage was a 96; Best-In-Show offered his gratitude for this fact (Respect!)
Pax Execute 7 burpees
Mosey to next station and demonstrate the log squat
*YHC explains the cadence of the ab routine
Pax Execute 7 burpees
Mosey to next station and move down the hill to Endex
*YHC discusses the next station
Pax Execute 7 burpees
If you were wondering if 42 burpees back-to-back would be tough — think again. Check that one off the list of accomplishments. 42 for Jackie Robinson

The Thang

The Charted Obstacle Course
First Obstacle
5 Pull-ups on the pull-up bar
5 Merkins

Second Obstacle
Bear crawl to bottom of hill (~50 yards)
Third Obstacle
Run to top of hill
Fourth Obstacle
Perform 5 Incline Merkins on first bench
Bench Jump (5) benches

Fifth Obstacle
Perform 5 Decline Merkins on last bench
Perform 5 Roll & Merkins to next obstacle

Sixth Obstacle
Lunge to next Obstacle ~40 yards
Seventh Obstacle
**Performed with supplied weighted bucket coupons and a Dwayne**
15 Curls with Dwayne
15 Tricep Extensions with Dwayne
15 Shrugs with buckets

Eighth Obstacle
Jail Break – 40 yards to next obstacle
Ninth Obstacle
10 Freddie Mercuries (IC)
10 American Hammers (IC)
10 Leg Lifts (Single-count)
15 Log Squats w/ Log

Tenth Obstacle
Run down hill
Eleventh Obstacle
Bear Crawl to Endex — after the first time through – this was Omaha’d as a Lunge to Endex
At the end, plank if the first obstacle is already manned. If not, repeat.
In total, PAX were able to complete nearly 3 full cycles of the obstacle course. Very proud of the effort put in this morning.


Communication- think about communication for a minute. How much do we take it for granted?
After something is said aloud, you have to:
1) Hear it
2) Interpret it
3) Understand it/Visualize it
4) Take action
And we all do this, no matter where you learned your native language. Human-kind is built to communicate. What an incredible thing.
#TruthNugget: The better you can communicate the more effective you will lead.
Allow me to share a story about communication – It’s about a man named Gerlando. A good man, a hard-ass working man, a farmer, a military service man, a husband, a father, a gardner, a wine-maker, a cured ham connoisseur, a dreamer, a LEADER. He was an enterprising man who believed he needed to do something outside of himself – not particularly and immediately for himself. He had a vision that he could make the lives of his family, his children and children’s children and so-on better than his own if he moved them to America, aka “The American Dream.”  Through the right amount of communication (and articulation), he allowed his wife to understand the vision, accept the proposal, move to America, gain employment, procure a house, and the rest was history… How much communication played into this? The ending to this story is a man standing here talking to you all (communicating & articulating) about the value of good communication, and an example of what it amounts to for a leader.
So, in F3, Articulation is one of the four F3 Leadership Skills (VAPE). Vision-Articulation-Persuasion-Exhortation.
Articulation is a fancy way of saying clear/precise communication with a vision and a mission. A clear and defined way of getting a group to understand the mission/vision and setting forth to accomplish that shared vision. The Q, the leader, must-MUST do this well. The criticality of his ability determines the outcome and the overall success.
Ever been to a VQ? Ever experienced a “less than perfect” workout? What was the problem? Articulation, perhaps…
F3 is is rooted in the foundation of good articulation.
Consider the workout for a moment. It’s 100% Peer-LED! Leading is articulation and communication of the end goal- the vision.
Even beyond the workouts – the F3 purpose… it’s well-articulated.
Male Community Leadership has never been at a lower ebb in our nation than it is right now. Our intent is to strengthen this through a Visualized series of Outcomes. Each new Workout we plant is one of those Outcomes.

**Ruck / Run begins this week at Monday/Wednesday AO’s**
Monday @ The Griff @ 5:30-6:15
Wednesday @ Beast Ridge @ 5:30-6:15

F1 Events:
– Chattanooga Marathon Training will continue (Picasso & Steam Engine on Q) – Event Date = 3/4/2018
– GoRuck Tough (Chattanooga) – Event Date = August; Vila on Q for Ruck training
– Tough Mudder (Nashville)
F2 News:
– Friday Breakfast Club will commence this week (Mr. Clean on Q); location is Lillie Mae’s in Hixson @ 6:30am
– Potluck event (date TBD – April timeframe) at Mr. Clean’s house
– Flag football and family day – March 17 (St. Patrick’s Day)
– Mr. Clean is looking for HCs to support the Food & Fun Program which is an opportunity to serve low-income students with healthy food options (please message Mr. Clean with interest)

Upcoming Qs:

02/05 (Beast Ridge) – Rainman
02/06 (Hill City) – Steam Engine
02/07 (The Griff) – Mr. Clean
02/08 (Hill City) – Snowflake
02/10 (Landfill) – Ohms