QIC: [Mr. Clean]
Date: [02/07/2018]
PAX: [Ohms, Picasso, Ringwald, & Stairmaster]
AO: [The Griff]


Wet. A bit misty.

The Disclaimer

[Its wet.  Its a bit misty. Watch your footing. Let’s Roll!]


[Capri Lap]

The Thang

Bent Over Rows X10 IC
Laps X2
Alternating Shoulder Taps X10 OYO (4 count)
Curls X10
Killer Jacks X15 IC
Heartbreak Hill
Incline Merkins X 260
Squats X 270
Traps X 300
Overhead Press X10 IC
Run with coupon
Yeti Raises X10 IC
Moroccan Night Club X10 IC
Overhead Press X10 IC
Not So Laz-E-Boys X10 IC
Tricep Extensions X10
Heavy Flutters X12
Curls x10 for a fun surprise…Making total rep count….1,914


YHC is currently completing a Black History Month unit with my students.  These lessons open eyes and cause a serious realization of where we were, where we are, and where we have to go.  Inspired by this, YHC conducted a Black History Month themed workout.  Besides the obvious letters as a guide for the workout progression here are some additional connections…
13 x 20 = 260
14 x 20 = 270
15 x 20 = 300
Representing the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
Total Reps = 1,914 honoring the year the military was desegregated.  
FINALLY, Total distance + total reps = 3730.  Why significant? This number is double 1865 — the year slavery ended.
These minor statistics shed MAJOR light onto our responsibility as F3 men to stand united to help all those around us, treat others equally and fairly.


Hump Day Happy Hour: 02/07 at Heaven & Ale starting 1700 msg Whittler for more info
Friday Breakfast Club: 02/09 at Lillie Mae’s starting 0630 msg Mr. Clean for more info

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