5K Ruck #2 The Griff

QIC: [Mr. Clean]
Date: [03/12/2018]
PAX: [Geiger (FNG), GTA, and Snowflake]
AO: [The Griff]


[Cool and Windy. 38 degrees.]

The Disclaimer

[Since this a ruck, please be extra aware of your surroundings and watch your six.  Welcome FNG!  This is much different than the typical workouts here in F3, so YHC encourages you to visit Hill City, The Griff (again), The Landfill, and/or Beast Ridge to get the full effect of F3!]


[Easy Pace, 16:18]

The Thang

Final 2.1 Miles of the 5K
Mile 2 – 15:40 Pace
Mile 3.1 – 12:30
PAX truly picked it up with a double time and a STRONG finish!


[Take the time to help others.  Creedo – Leave no man behind.  Leave no man where you found him.  We watch the Six here in F3; because there are Clydesdale’s and Thoroughbreds and WE DON’T LEAVE MEN BEHIND.  Have the same philosphy as you go out into the world today.  YHC challenges you to watch out for the Clydesdale and pick him/her up when they need it! ]


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FBC – 03/16/2018 – Track’s End Restaurant

Upcoming Qs

Laces Out  – 03/13/2018 (Hill City)
Mr. Clean – 03/14/2018 (The Griff)
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