What Goes Up Must Come Down

QIC: Laces Out (Respect)
Pax: Angus, Geiger, Ringwald, Speed Bump, Stairmaster, Ohms, Fissure, Prosciutto, Wort, Whittler, FNG-Skidmark
AO: Hill City
Conditions: 35 degrees and windy/chilly
Disclaimer and preview of what’s to come today. “What goes up must come down,” so we will be doing a lot of going up today! Warned Wort that we might return to his first workout site (Splash Merlot) but that YHC thought he would be better today because he’s been faithful to push himself to improve.
12 Imperial Walkers IC
15 Finkle Swings (each leg)
12 Butt Kickers IC
The Thang What Goes Up Must Come Down
Circuit 1-Mt Midoriyama
Bear crawl up (enjoy the view of downtown), mosey down, hold plank till all pax return
mosey to the Boob Hill
Partner up: Pax 1-Sprint to first level 10 lunges
Sprint to top 10 squats
Pax 2-does 15 merkins/hold plank till partner returns
Rinse and Repeat 2x with a few 10 counts to catch our breath
Mosey to 24/7 Fitness on Cherokee St
15 Monkey Humpers IC (facing street so our backsides face the windows)
Mosey around the corner to parking garage (mumble chatter on the way)
Circuit 2-Stairmaster Garage (inspired workout by Proscuitto a few weeks ago-YHC has been wanting to return to this site ever since)
Partner up-Sprint up the stairs together to top deck and then mosey back down/hold Al Gore till all pax return
Rinse and repeat 2x
Stop at the top deck and in partners do this 4 corners routine: Bernie Sanders between corners with 10 merkins at first corner, followed by 10 LBCs at second corner, followed by 10 squats at 3rd corner and 10 count at 4th.
Mosey back down and up the steps (rinse and repeat 4 corners one more time)
Mosey back to BDC building across street (game of Frogger ensued)
Found nice tall staircase to top of BDC building: single file run up to top and back down (3x)
Mosey to BDC parking lot for 6 MOM
Flutter kicks 15 IC
Plank 15 IC
Heel touches 15 IC
Hollywood 10 IC both sides
Freddy Mercury 15 IC
American Hammer 10 IC
Plank 15 IC
COT All Pax worked hard today and pushed ourselves to be better. YHC preached last Sunday on Ephesians 4 about the New Life in Christ. v 22-24 talks about the exchange between putting off the old man and putting on the new man. When someone comes to faith in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, God changes us from the inside out. The old sinful desires are replaced by the righteousness of Christ. Let’s walk in newness today men. Be better husbands, dads, employees/employers!