Saving for the Swim Back

Angus gave a moleskin back early in my “F3 Career” that was titled “Don’t Save Anything for the Swim Back”. I highly suggest you, either find the BackBlast for this one or consult Angus. It has stuck with me ever since, and I thought about it even more as I was watching TV this morning at 0345. Not much to find.
I did come across some world elite triathlon racing. One of the women racing was interviewed and asked her strategy. She said, “a lot of people ask me, do you hold some back on the bike to save up for something else or do you run harder since that’s your best race.” Her response to this was simple, “I only do what I know how to do, swim as hard as I can, run as fast as I can, and pedal with everything I have and see where I end up.”
She won the race. Don’t save anything for the swim back. Have a great week! See you all next Monday! God Bless. Happy Easter. He is Risen.
Clean Out