QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 03/29/2018
PAX: Snipes
AO: The Huey


Shorts and t-shirt weather!! Welcome back Spring! Allergies are worth it! 65 degrees and humid. 

The Disclaimer

I am not a professional, I will not stand over you with a clip board, you are here on your own free will, push hard, modify if necessary, and be safe.


SSH x20 IC
Plan x15 IC
Alternating Toe Touches x15 IC
SSH x18 IC

The Thang

I got to The Huey early this morning with excitement for an FNG, because, let’s be honest, naming three FNGs in one week is really stinkin cool! I took an easy 2 mile warm-up run and anxiously awaited the arrival of the latest FNG…
Well, along with the landing of The Huey, a Snipe also came in for a landing for a pleasant surprise for me.  He truly pulled through, as our FNG failed to show this morning.

I had forgotten about the BOMBS routine in the Exicon and thanks to Ohms beatdown yesterday, I was inspired to include it this morning.  During the description, mumblechatter ensued about the “love of running” and possible Splashing of Merlot.
Breakers – 100
Overhead Press – 100
Merkins – 150
Bent Over Rows – 100
While doing BOMBS, I realized I needed to call an audible as I had not done anything to honor The Huey.  So, we did HUEYS.  Similar to BOMBS, well it is BOMBS, with different letters.  You guys know, “same thing, just different”.
Headbusters (Inspired from Tuesday’s Huey activities) – 50 Each Arm
Under the Tree Dips – 150
EL B Cs – 100 (4 COUNT)
Yeti Raises – 50
Shrugs – 50


This morning I decided to study my Bible before my workout (I was just led to do that, so thanks mainly be to Fissure for that), and just decided to open it and see where it landed….Psalm 24 it was.  These verses spoke to God’s Glory and ruling over the Earth truly moved me.  I then sought the Gospel of Luke for the death and Resurrection.  What a friend we have in Jesus and how amazing it is to be saved.  
I was called to this faith that I call Christianity and with that faith I must strive to Love all equally as Christ did.  This goes for any and all men who decide to come to F3…no matter where you rest your beliefs, I will still do everything I can to support you in the gloom and in your personal life; because that is my mission as a Christian and as a man of F3!! 
If you are reading this and are not a Christian, then please do not shy away from F3.  Yes, I will share my faith as much as I can, but that DOES NOT mean I will shun you for yours.  I love you as the brother that you are. 


Friday Breakfast Club – Lillie Mae’s (Order when you get there!)
April 6th – Fissure, Picasso, and Vila representing F3 in the Nashville GoRuck
August 2018 – Go Ruck Chattanooga – Vila for details
September 2018 – Tough Mudder Nashville – Ohms for details
April 2018 – Chattanooga MS Walk – Mr. Clean for details

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