Standing with the Tortoise & Hare

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 04/10/2018
PAX: Lugnut
AO: The Huey


48 degrees.  No hoodies needed. Partly cloudy.

The Disclaimer

Push yourself today, I am not a professional, modify if necessary, you are here on your own free will, and do not get injured.


SSH x15 IC
Alternating Toe Touches x15 IC
SSH x15 IC
Cotton Pickers x15 IC
SSH x15 IC
Finkle Swings x15
SSH x15 IC

The Thang

YHC’s first post was also my first Q since touching dry land after a day or two off.  Yes, F3 withdrawals are real! It is good to be back and in the Gloom! Needless to say, YHC needed to shake the rust off, so here we go…
Tammy Wynette’s 
Completed a total of 200 reps. 100 Merkins and 100 Squats.
Insert 10 Count…
We took a mosey lap and obvious mumblerchatter ensued about the deadness of leags after the Tammy Wynettes.
Tortoise and the Hare Coupon Style
Pax carried coupons rather than rucks for a Tortoise and Hare Routine.
Exchanges 1 & 2 – LBCs x10 (4 Count)
Exchanges 3 & 4 – Plank x10 (4 Count)
Exchanges 5 & 6 – Weeble Wobble x10 (Single Count)
Exchanges 6 & 7 – Pickle Pounders x10 (4 Count)
Total – 6 laps 1.5 Miles


Today is April 10th, 2018.  This not a significant date in and of itself; however, it is the day after April 9th, 2018.  April 9th is extremely significant to me as this my mother’s birthday.  Yes, we take time each year to celebrate our mothers, but lets be honest, they deserve to be celebrated more often than that. A little over a week after celebrating the Death and Resurrection and reflecting upon the strong women during Jesus’ journey, I realize the importance of the mothers in our lives.  All of us have a mother and many of us are married to a mother.  My challenge is to celebrate them, thank them, and find some way to show them how much you care; because, frankly, how many times did they care and show they cared about us when we probably didn’t really deserve it. 


FBC – April 13, 2018 (Location: TBD)
Chattanooga MS Walk – April 21, 2018 9:00 Am
Hamilton County Area Special Olympics – April 21, 2018 10:00 AM
Rock Creek Brow Beater Trail Race – April 21, 2018 8:00 AM
OTB Opportunities – Recurring Fridays (Runs/Rucks)
Chattanooga GO Ruck August 2018
Tough Mudder September 2018

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