Super 21 & Wiffle Ball

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 04/22/2018
PAX: Angus, Candu, Cherry Log, Geek Squad, Mr. Clean, Ringwald, Slippers, Snowflake, Vila, Wort
AO: Landfill


An unseasonably cool 41 degree morning proving this to be a very cool spring day in Chattanooga.  I checked the sunrise times and 7:03am was the rise, so I knew we’d have plenty of sunlight for what was shortly coming.

The Disclaimer

We’re here to have fun and get better together. Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself. Modify where needed.


Side Straddle Hop x 20 IC
Lunge x 12 IC
Arm (Merkin) x 12 IC
Cherry Pickers x 15 IC
Knees (High then Wide; both) x 12 IC

The Thang

When I saw that I was going to have a Saturday Q towards the end of April two things popped into my mind. Yes, we will have an early sunrise, and two, what can we do for fun?  I didn’t think we should dedicate an entire 60 minutes to fun, because I didn’t want to let the PAX down.  They show up to get down and to get beat down.  So, we did both:
Super 21
An old fashioned increment/decrement beatdown routine with a run/sprint/jog between each designated end point.
Merkins & Squats made sense here, and we filmed it with the GoPro time lapse shown above.
Wiffle Ball & Burpees
The game is basically baseball with a plastic yellow bat and plastic white (and sometimes red(?) ) balls. We counted off one’s and two’s and then separated into our respective group. YHC thought long and hard on a plan of attack to keep it simple, fitness-focused and fun all at the same time.  So, the rules were kept simple:
Offensively, if you:

  • Strike Out – 10 burpees (team penalty)
  • Get out in some other way (e.g. pop-up, ground ball, put out, peg) – 5 burpees (individual penalty)

Defensively, if you:

  • Make an error – 5 burpees (individual penalty)
  • Allow a run to score – 1 hill run per run scored (team penalty)

Not that it matters, but YHC team won … by a sizable margin. But, YHC team did have to execute lots of strikeout burpees.  Ya win some, and you lose some…


Geek Squad offered a great word of wisdom from a group activity that he and his team at work learned recently.  There are 5 dysfunctions of a team:

The five dysfunctions are:

  • Absence of trust—unwilling to be vulnerable within the group
  • Fear of conflict—seeking artificial harmony over constructive passionate debate
  • Lack of commitment—feigning buy-in for group decisions creates ambiguity throughout the organization
  • Avoidance of accountability—ducking the responsibility to call peers on counterproductive behavior which sets low standards
  • Inattention to results—focusing on personal success, status and ego before team success

He shared that he felt that F3 was a great opportunity for men to come in and be connected with such a great team; also, to learn what a successful and non-dysfunctional team looks like. F3 is encouraging, it’s uplifting, it’s a place where men are committed to one another and accountable to the overall success of the team.  Thanks for sharing this with us Geek Squad, albeit impromptu or otherwise, it was awesome to hear you share that.


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