Three Ring Circus

QIC: Sidekick
Date: 05/03/2018
PAX: Angus,  Cable Cutter, Candu, The Count,  Hardtail, Ohms, Ringwald,  Speed Bump, Sundance, Whittler
AO: Hill City


61 Degrees and clear, Absolutely Fantastic

The Disclaimer

This is F3.  You are here on your own will, we are not professionals, we push each other to get better, modify when necessary


Mosey to the Great Hall
SSH IC X 20; Cotton Pickers IC X 15; Imperial Walkers IC X 15; LBC IC X 15, Slow Mericans on call X 5; Wall Sit 90 seconds; Chicken Peckers IC X 10; Arm Circles IC X 10, Reverse IC X 10; Mosey to the Rhino

The Thang

Today we tried out the Three Ring Circus.  Something new to provide a little competition in the group and hopefully build some burst and lung function
Title of exercises or routine
Break up into teams of 3, we had 11 so one team of 2.  3 stations within each team:

Block Curls, Plank and Sprint.  Sprint is roughly 40 yds down and 40 yds back.  I left my yardage wheel in my other compression shorts so work with me here.  The circus goes like this: One guy sprints while one guy knocks out 10 curls and the third holds plank. When the sprinter is back, the block drops and PAX takes off.  Plank goes to block, sprinter goes to Plank.  Repeat until all 3 PAX have completed all three stations.  Winning team holds Al Gore, 2nd Place (1st loser (Ricky Bobby)) gets 4 burpees, 3rd place (2nd loser) gets 8 burpees, and 4th Place (Rhino’s tail) gets 12 Burpees.
We completed 4 cycles of this and redrafted teams each round with 4th choosing first.  The fourth round due to intense pain I audibled to 3-6-9 burpees for the losers.
I have to commend the speed of the PAX. The group really pushed themselves and tried to win the race.  Everybody left it on the field (coach cliche’).
After 4 cycles, I opted for a Frankenstein walk with some Yoga mixed in to keep from falling out in front of my friends.  But I have to say, for a fat guy I held my own in the sprints.
After the Yoga we mosey walked to the parking lot and had time to knock out about 15 Block Worms a piece.
Wrapped up with some American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs, LBC, Flutter Kicks and Box cutters, all IC X 15
Mosey to Flag


Wanted to sue the workout as an example of how pushing our own limits can lift up others.  By performing above our expectations at home, at work, in church and in our communities, we lift the performance of others.  Never be the Anchor, be the beacon that shows the way.


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