Life is Uphill

QIC: Prosciutto
Date: 05/07/2018
PAX: Angus, Early Bird, Sidekick, Speed Bump, Whittler
AO: Beast Ridge


60 degrees of Fahrenheit, some pockets of cold air and some pockets of hot air; a Beast Ridge special touch

The Disclaimer

Welcome to F3, a free peer-led workout. You’re here because you decided to be, so do the best you can, push yourself. If it hurts, that’s a good thing, if it hurts too much, let us know. If it hurts because you’re a sissy, may God have mercy on your soul and you better have thick skin… sissy boy.


Seal Jacks, IW, PP w/ Merkin (5 IC), High plank, Side plank/side plank, Hillbillies, ST Merkins
* All IC x 11 unless otherwise noted

The Thang

YHC felt like spreading it around this morning and creating a number of challenges with variety instead of a straightforward punch-in-the-mouth. As a result, the Pax completed a variety of F3 staples with care and alarm.
Merkin Mile
10 OYO merkins for every .25 mile
Instead of the usual increment/decrement routine, we just did two exercises at top/bottom of the corner hill.  Each of the pax got a chance to call out two exercises for the Pax to perform 11 reps each.
1 – Merkins/Squats (Pro)
2 – Plank/Lunges (Pro)
3 – Spartan Abs/Pickle Pounders (Sidekick)
4 – Merkins/Squats (Angus)
5 – Froggy Squats/LBC (Whittler)
6 – Crab cakes/BBSU (Speedbump)
7 – Reverse Lunges/??? (Early Bird)
*mosey to concrete steps
For the date – May 7th (5-7) – we did alternating 5s and 7s
5 incline merkins
7 box jump
5 decline merkins
* Repeat x 3

Whittler’s <@f3whittler> comment about doing BBSU’s up an incline made for a great workout title. And very appropriate food for thought. Here’s how it went down…
Sidekick <@mattgt5> noticed, “Whittler is doing the BBSUs up the hill.”
To which, Whittler replied, “Life is uphill.”

Indeed it is.  Well played, sir!

50 yards of Mary
* Pax line up at the end point of the stairs and face the full length of the field ~100 yards. Each 50 yards were completed together. As the early Pax waited on the six, they planked or did pistol LBCs.
– Bear Crawl 50 yards
– Duck Walk 50 yards (turn around)
– Bear Crawl 50 yards
– Lunge 50 yards
*Time was starting to close in on us….

Merkin Wave

* Pax form a circle and increment one merkin per each revolution
We made it 5 rounds of Merkins until endex

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