Thanks, Vets

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 05/17/2018
PAX: Cherry Log, Geiger, The Count (Respect)
AO: The Huey


A muggy 66 degrees.  Day was breaking.  Sweat angels were on the horizon…

The Disclaimer

You are here on your own free will.  I am not a professional.  Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.


SSH x18 IC
Cherry Pickers x18 IC
BAC x10 IC
Reverse BAC x10 IC
Moroccan Night Club x10 IC
Chinhook x18 IC
Shoulder Press x18 IC
Finkle Swing x18 OYO
SSH x18 IC

The Thang

Title of exercises or routine
Pax grabbed a partner.  Pax 1 completed Colt 45 while Pax 2 help plank.  Flap Jack. Rinse and Repeat.
Mosey a lap around the park.  Pax completed descending squats from 10 at each light pole. 55  total squats.
In a small tribute to Iwo Jima, YHC had the Pax Block Bear Crawl from the Startex, past The Huey, to the Giant American Flag.  Let’s be honest, if those men can raise that flag, in the sand, in the coast driven wind, under heavy gunfire, then we can do Block Bear Crawls for 75 yards!!Once we made it to the destination we partnered up.  Pax 1 held a coupon in the front raise position while Pax 2 completed 20 WWII Sit-Ups.  FlapJack. Rinse and Repeat.
Mosey back to typical Startex. Pax completed Elevens with suicides (thanks Ohms for the idea). Run to halfway. Back. Complete 10 shoulder presses. Run to the other end. Back to halfway. Back to opposite end. Complete 1 Don’t Cross Dolly (again, thanks Ohms for the idea).
Pax finished just in time.  YHC had a quick moleskin. Bus duty calls again! Hey, it is the LAST week; because, you all know now, us teachers do not work in the summertime.


YHC called an early workout due to bus duty, and in a stroke of irony, YHC was late due to unforeseen circumstances.  As should happen and expected in F3, plenty of mumblechatter arose about the tardiness of the Q. The moral of is simply this: we all get to an exhaustion point, Smartsacks are required for every Pax, BUT the current leaders do not have the luxury of a nice, solid Smartsack in the absence of leadership or waning of the current leadership.  If you feel led to step up, then do it!


Flag Football Tomorrow- Warm-Up preceding and Spikeball post game.
***Super Important** We are hosting a charity race in the Fall, as close to 2nd Anniversary as possible, the committee is in planning stages.  We will need all hands on deck and guys willing to help committee members when they ask for help!
GoRuck Tough – August 2018
Tough Mudder – September 2018
Cam Run August – 2018
Trail Running Activities – Contact Ohms
FBC – Poll will be on Slack Soon.

Upcoming Qs

Saturday – Mr. Clean – Landfill – FLAG FOOTBALL!!
Monday – Wittler – Beast Ridge
Tuesday – MIA – Hill City
Wednesday – Sidekick/Snowflake – Griff
Thursday – Ringwald – Hill City
Saturday – Fissure – Landfill – LANDFILL VQ ALERT!!!!