Blast from the Past

Date: 5/17/18
On Q: Rainman
Location: Hill City (Blue Rhino)
Weather: Heck of a whole lot muggier than needed to be.
What a return for the ages! I was excited to be back out there in the gloom. A lot of new faces. Many 10 counts 🙂
15 SSH
14 Mountain Climbers
13 Smurf Jacks
12 Merkins
Capri Lap
11 High Knee
10 Wide High Knee
9 Tuck Jack
8 Diamond Merkins
Capri Lap
7 Dying Cockroach
6 American Hammer
5 Box Cutters
Capri Lap
3 Burpees
2 Squats
1 Knee Tuck
0 30 _ Count
Capri Lap
What goes down must go up!!! Reverse order until you get back to the top.