Blast from the Past

Date: 5/17/18
On Q: Rainman
Location: Hill City (Blue Rhino)
Weather: Heck of a whole lot muggier than needed to be.
What a return for the ages! I was excited to be back out there in the gloom. A lot of new faces. Many 10 counts 🙂
15 SSH
14 Mountain Climbers
13 Smurf Jacks
12 Merkins
Capri Lap
11 High Knee
10 Wide High Knee
9 Tuck Jack
8 Diamond Merkins
Capri Lap
7 Dying Cockroach
6 American Hammer
5 Box Cutters
Capri Lap
3 Burpees
2 Squats
1 Knee Tuck
0 30 _ Count
Capri Lap
What goes down must go up!!! Reverse order until you get back to the top.

15 Down 2 Warm Up 2 DORA

AO: Hill City
Q: Rainman
PAX: Prosciutto, Angus, Mr. Clean, Best in Show, Whittler, Ringwald, Ohms, Vila
Weather: A Brisk 13 Degrees, but who was checkin’?
The disclaimer was given just in time, for one PAX almost impaled his head on an art structure at the AO. But, thanks to the frequency of squats in F3 he was able to dodge the structure in the “NICK” of time for the 15 down.
The PAX were welcomed to a different type of warm up
The 15 Down 
Smurf Jacks X 14 IC
Plank Jacks X 13 IC
Squat Jacks X 12 IC
High Knee X 11 IC
Wide High Knee X 10 IC
Mountain Climber X 9 IC
Imperial Walker X 8 IC
Merkin X 7 IC
Carolina Dry Dock X 6 IC
Angle Grinder X 5 IC
Diamond Merkin X 4 IC
Michael Phelps X 3 OYO
Burpee X 2 OYO
Mt. Midoriama X 1 OYO (Hill Run, and a mosey down) 
After a 10-Count the PAX were told that it was now time 2 warm up. So, we went
After the warm up the PAX were instructed to partner up for a DORA. One partner took the Capri Lap while the other partner completed some of these exercise
100: LBCs (Single Count) 
200: Squats (Single Count)
300: Alternating Shoulder Taps (Four Count)
Count o Rama
Name o Rama (Briefly interuppted all because a Phone couldnt make it through the gloom)
Ball of Man led by Mr. Clean
@f3chatt @hillcity

Equal or Not?

AO: Beast Ridge
Q: Rainman
PAX: Best In Show, Whittler, Prosciutto
Weather: A Crisp 28 Degrees and cloudy with a 100% chance of a Rainman beatdown.
The disclaimer was given in a very prompt and efficient way. After a short mosey the Q called the PAX to square up for the warm up. Two more men and the Q could have called the PAX to circle up.
High Knee X 15 IC
Butt Kickers X 15IC
Cotton Pickers X 15 IC
Cherry Pickers X 15 IC
Wide High Knee X 15 IC
The Lunge X 20 OYO
The Squat X 15 IC
Imperial Walkers X 15 IC
THE THANG: Equality or Not?
Ascending CURB CRAWL: PAX moseyed to a hill at BEAST RIDGE. Once there the PAX were split into two groups.
Group One was assigned to bear crawl up the hill and complete one DERKIN and one SQUAT. CRAB WALK  down the hill and complete TWO INCLINE MERKINS and two SQUATS. Continue to 13
Group Two was assigned to run up the hill and complete one DERKIN. MOSEY down the hill and complete TWO INCLINE MERKINS. Continue to 13
Which group would you rather be in? Obviously for one group of people it’s going to be a harder more difficult route, it’s going to take longer for group one to finish and catch up. While the other group had an easier way, it was also not as equal because the fitness was not up to par. Martin believed in equality for all, and fought for freedom for God given rights for all people. So, while yes he was representing African Americans, he was advocating and making the way for all people groups. After that it was time to come together. The Q called the PAX to mosey back to the lot to be FREE.
F: Febreze: PAX now back together on their 6. PAX completed 2 BBSU’s on the second they were instructed to keep feet 6’’ off the ground and completed 10 Air Press. Repeated in ratios of 10. 2:10, 4:20, 6:30.
R: Russian Twist X 12 IC
E: E2K AKA Oblique Crunches X 20 IC Left SIDE
E: E2K AKA Oblique Crunches X 20 IC Right SIDE
The Q called, “Free at last free at last thank God all Mighty we’re free at last.”
Fellowship MOSEY until time.
Count o rama
Name o rama
Ball of Man
@f3chatt @beastridge

Welcome Mr.Phelps

QIC: Rainman
Date: 12/07/2017
PAX: Angus, Ohms, Flemish, Laces Out, Stairmaster, Chief, Prosciutto
AO: Hill City


38-39 degrees… Not as frosty as was expected..

The Disclaimer

Welcome to F3, I’m Rainman I’m on Q today. Know that I am not a professional. You are here of your own free will. We will work hard, modify if needed. You cannot sue us, so we will just help you get to your car. (literally has happened)
From shovel flag, Mosey to the lot by the Great Hall.
SSH x 15 IC
Lunge Half-Lot
Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
Lunge Other Half of the Lot
Imperial Walker x 15 IC
Broad Jump Half of Lot
High Knees X 15 IC
Broad Jump Other Half
Smurf Jack X 15 IC
Lunge Half of Lot
Merkin x 15 IC
Lunge Other Half
Squat X 15 IC
Mosey to start where we of course finished COP with the infamous…
The Thang
After a mosey back to the Love Shack it was time to do the dang thang at each light pole.

  1. Bear Crawl to first light pole ——— X 10 Iron Mikes IC
  2. Michael Phelps to second light pole (Like a bear crawl, right arm stroke, left arm stroke, pike under, reverse pike under) ——— X 20 Arm Circles IC
  3. Bear Crawl to third pole ——– X 30 Imperial Walkers IC
  4. Michael Phelps to Fourth light pole ——— X 40 Squats IC
  5. Bernie Sanders uphill
  6. Mosey down —– X 16 Alternating Shoulder Taps
  7. Rinse and Repeat X 2

Due to the fact that we were training to win gold in the olympics, MOM was nowhere to be found.
Count O Rama
Name O Rama
Moleskin: “The greatest enemy of the best is not the worst, but the good. You won’t settle for the worst, but we often settle for the good.” Try to give of your best when the opportunity rises.
Circle of Trust

Whole Lot

QIC: Rainman
Date: 11/13/2017
PAX: Prosciutto, Steam Engine, Best in Show
AO: BEastRidge


It was a surprisingly warm 49 degrees. Great morning for a good beat down. 

The Disclaimer

The disclaimer was routinely given due to the fact that we had regulars. 
QIC read a 1 John 4:18 to begin, “There is no FEAR in love, but perfect love casts out FEAR.” QIC clued the PAX in on the workout exclaiming, “Even when there is a ‘whole lot’ in front of you or on your plate, do not fear, God is there ever step of the way.”
(18 Count in regard to the verse)
9-Burpees in honor of the FNG Challenge
SSH x 18 IC
Cotton Pickers X 18 IC
Mountain Climbers X 18 IC
Squat X 18 IC
Butt Kickers X 18 IC
Calf Raises X 18 IC
Imperial Walker X 18 IC
Cotton Pickers X 18 IC
THE THANG: Whole Lot (Pun Intended)

  • Whole Lot Suicide: 21 Lines
  • Squat X 25 IC
  • Whole Lot Bear Crawl Down
  • Merkin X 10 IC
  • Whole Lot Bear Crawl Back
  • Merkin X 10 IC
  • Whole Lot Karaoke Down
  • Squat X 25 IC
  • Whole Lot Karoke Back
  • Squat X 25 IC

That Arm Thang

  • Baby Arm Circles X 12 IC
  • Dips X 12 IC
  • Reverse BACs X 12 IC
  • Dips X 12 IC
  • Overhead Claps X 12 IC
  • Morraccan Night Club X 12 IC
  • Shoulder Press X 12 IC


  • BBSU X 18 OYO
  • LBCs X 18 IC
  • Leg Climbers X 18 (9 each leg) IC

Given throughout the beatdown.
Count o rama
Name o rama
Steam Engine brought it home and prayed us out.


QIC: Rainman
Date: 10/12/2017
PAX: Stairmaster,  Snowflake, Flemish, Laces Out, Picasso, Delta, Tough Skins (Willy Loman), Best in Show
AO: Hill City
Conditions: Low 60’s…dark and gloomy, no humidity like Tuesday’s beatdown
Welcome and Disclaimer were given and we were off…
The Warm Up
SSH / IC x 15
Cotton Pickers / IC x 15
Mtn Climbers / IC x 15
Annie / IC x 15
SSH / IC x 15
Imperial Walkers / IC x 15
Finkle Swing / IC x 15
SSH / IC x 15
Cotton Pickers / IC x 15
SSH / IC x 15
Capri Lap (Awesome to enjoy a Capri lap with the creator himself, Tough Skins)
The Main Thang:
The Q loves to play on words so after the capri lap the PAX moseyed over to the hills for the “SA” “SQUATCH” which was…
Round 1 (Then Two 10 Counts) and Round 2 (Then Two 10 Counts)

  • The “S”  Sprint up the first hill
  • The “A” OYO Ass-Kickers / x 15
  • Sprint up the second hill
  • Run down to the hill flat OYO Ass-Kickers / x 15
  • Sprint up that first hill
  • Rinse and repeat with 20-SQUATCHES, then 10-SQUATCHES

Back and forth the PAX went until 100 SQUATCHES and 60 Ass-Kickers were met. PAX  held plank until all other PAX finished up. After round two it was time to take it up a few notches.
Round 3 (Then Two 10 Counts) and Round 4 (Then Two 10 Counts)

  • The “S”  Sprint up the first hill
  • The “A” OYO Alternating Shoulder Taps / x 15
  • Sprint up the second hill
  • Run down to the hill flat OYO Alternating Shoulder Taps / x 15
  • Sprint up that first hill
  • Rinse and repeat with 20-POWER SQUATCHES, then 10-POWER SQUATCHES

As if that wasn’t enough the PAX moseyed over to the GREAT HALL, where we saw two groups of glowing people getting better in the gloom. The PAX grabbed some wall and proceeded to go through two rounds of a leg………cool down?

  • Regular Wall Sit IC / x 25
  • Left Leg Wall Sit IC / x 25
  • Right Leg Wall Sit IC / x 25

PAX stayed strong for a..
Dying Cockroach IC / x20
PAX moseyed back to the Love Shack

What Goes Down, Must Come Back Up!

QIC: Rainman
Date: 09/16/17
PAX: Mudslide, Sparkles, and Ohms
AO: White Oak Park
Conditions: About 64 degrees
The discalimer was given promptly and we moseyed to the parking lot to have a good warm up.
10 Burpees
Imperial Walkers x15
Squat x15
SSH x15
OYO: Finkle Swing x15
Lunge x15
Imperial Walkers x15
Cotton Pickers x15
SSH x15
Merkin x15
High Knees x15
Butt Kickers x15
PAX were instructed to keep there arms up between these exercises:
Baby Arm Circles (The reverse BAC) x15
Chinook x15
Shoulder Press x15
The THANG: What Goes Down, Must Come Back Up!
The PAX were instructed that a 5k would be ensued. With some plank exercises layed inbetween.
Top Gate Start

  • Run down to the bottom gate (.5 Mile)
  • OYO Plank Jacks X 25
  • IC Plank Hold X 25
  • OYO Alternating Shoulder Taps X 25
  • IC Plank Hold X 25
  • What Goes Down, Must Come Up! PAX Ran to the top gate (.5 Mile)

Back at the Top the PAX were instructed to do these exercises:

  • Peter Parkers X 15
  • In & Out Planks X 15
  • SSH X 20
  • What Goes Up, Must Come Back Down PAX ran down to the bottom gate (.5 mile)

Moleskin: (I Understand that F3 is not Christian, but this is what the Q shared)
Jesus wasn’t just a nice guy. He was a Rabbi who followed the Rabbi-Talmid Structure of the Jewish Culture. There is a difference between being a disciple, (which when looked up in the Greek means follower) and being a talmid, (hebrew word for disciple, the committed followers, who made Jesus’ teachings their code of conduct). Throughout the New Testament you see scripture say, “There was a great crowd that followed Jesus (John 6:2)…” If you keep reading on you will find scripture say, “And because of his hard words (teachings) some discples fell away (John 6:66).” (Example of a hard teaching can be found in Matthew 7:21, and 8:18-22 if interested) Those that fell away were only fans of Jesus, they followed him because he was ‘popular’. But not the talmid. The twelve, were committed. So committed that when it came time to die for Christ they did (Post resurrection PAX talked about not just being a fan of Jesus, or a ‘Pew Potato” (Someone who just attends church because it’s what you SHOULD DO) But, to truly walk and do as he did.