Two Steps Forward…

QIC: Mr. Clean
Date: 07/19/2018
PAX: Drago, Ducktales, Drago (FNG), Geek Squad, and Radiohead
AO: The Huey


70 degrees. Humidity was unseasonably low. (Took 2 sets of SSHs for YHC to start sweating). Nice breeze. Clear Skies and Minds. Full Hearts.

The Disclaimer

My name is Mr. Clean. I will be on Q and I am not a professional. Push yourself but don’t hurt self. You are here on your own free will.


SSH x20 IC
Imperial Walkers x10 IC
SSH x15 IC
Alternating Toe Touches x10 IC
BAC x15 IC
Reverse x15 IC
Chinooks x15 IC
Cherry Pickers x15 IC
MNC x15 IC
Shoulder Press x15 IC
SSH x15 IC

The Thang

Two Steps Forward

Pax partnered up and completed the following routine.
Pax run 2 light poles forward (Pax 1 carries coupon)
Run back a light pole
Complete 20 Reps — Bent Over Rows
Pass the Coupon
Rinse and Repeat for Lap.
Rinse and Repeat for 2 Laps. Lap 2 — 15 Squats. Lap 3 — 10 Curls

Pax moseyed to side parking lot. Lined up side by side at a station. Stations were the following exercises…
Travolta’s w/Coupon
Clean and Press
After Pax complete their 10 Travoltas, he did a Bernie Sanders to come and sprinted back. Stations rotated. We completed one rotation, and this left us with 1 minute of flutter kicks led by The Count.


Sometimes we take 2 steps forward only to take a step back. Going backward is generally not productive, but we must never fall back to where we started. Even if we falter just a little, we must make sure we only go back a single step, dust ourselves off, and take two more steps forward. Keep grinding (thanks Geek Squad) and “Embrace the Suck”


  1. FNG — Drago posted in full fatigues
  2. The Count made sure all form was correct and we maintained quality over quantity always
  3. Mumblechatter was awesome this morning


Go Ruck Tough
Can Run
Tough Mudder
Still Hollow
ALL of the above are coming soon..

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